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Zsa Zsa Goowhiggie (often referred to as “cousin Zsa Zsa”) is a witch and an extreme practical joker. She has a lot of fun with her cousin Hilda Spellman due to their similar personalities. Zsa Zsa visits Sabrina to give her a clue to the Family Secret.


Zsa Zsa makes her entrance.

Zsa Zsa reveals herself to be a dedicated practical joker, who sometimes takes her jokes to dangerous levels. ZsaZsa sells “Pure Ambition” to Sabrina, magical body products, to inspire Harvey; but this backfires when he becomes cold-hearted and money driven. She also sells "Walk-a-Mile Moccasins" to Hilda and Zelda, switching their personalities to help them understand how the other person feels. Before leaving, Zsa Zsa gives Sabrina a pop-up snake as a clue to the Family secret.


Zsa Zsa's magic manifestation is a bang of pink smoke.