Witch Way Out is the 7th episode of the seventh season and the 148th overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Thinking she doesn't need it anymore, Sabrina removes her magic and places it in a tupperwear jar. She meets Victor, the handsome owner of an art gallery, and decides to make a date with him, instead of going out with her friends, who she feels are becoming like her aunts, by being too overprotective. She has a change of heart, when she finds out that Victor wants to add her to his twisted collection of supernatural creatures. Locked in a cell with no powers, Sabrina must trust that her friends will save her.

Meanwhile, Salem takes Sabrina's magic and tries to use it to make himself human again.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


Writer Blcok Spell

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

I've Been working round the clock
Help me shake this writers block

Result: Massage chair

Failed Spell to Become Human

(Cast by Salem Saberhagen)

Make me human,
Make me whole,
I'm sick of eating from a bowl.

Unintended result: Transforms only one of Salem's feet.

Failed Spell to Change the Foot Back

(Cast by Salem Saberhagen)

Magic spell gone kaput,
Help me fix this ugly foot!

Unintended result: Conjures a fluffy pink high heeled shoe.


  • When Sabrina removes her magic, it comes out as green goo. However, in the Season 3 episode "Sabrina and the Pirates" when Hilda and Zelda remove their magic for an audit, Zelda's comes out like her regular violet sparkles and Hilda's comes out as green sparkles.
  • When Sabrina's magic comes back to her, it goes through her mouth.
  • Although Sabrina trapped Victor in a cell after she escaped, we see him free again some moments later at his porch, holding a chainsaw.