Brad is a witch hunter.

A Witch Hunteris a mortal who is born with a witch hunting gene. Witch hunters aren't usualy aware of their abilities, but they have the power to sense magic, which often makes them suspicious of witches and creates an urge for them to uncover the truth. If a witch hunter announces that someone is a witch, the witch turns into a mouse for one hundred years. A witch hunting gene (which looks like a pair of tiny blue jeans) can be removed by witches, although it is a very delicate and dangerous procedure. If the gene is destroyed, all witches transformed by the witch hunter will be changed back to their human form.

A witch hunting gene is affected by the Earth's atmosphere; so in certain weather conditions, a witch hunter's powers may be dormant.


To return a witch to their normal form after having been cursed into being a mouse, the Witch Hunter gene must be removed within an hour after their transformation, otherwise said witch will most likely be stuck as a mouse for the whole 100 years.

To remove the Witch Hunter gene, first that Witch Hunter have to strap to the operating table and strong electrical currents crackle up the capacitors.

You have to place the electrodes in the precise spots in a precise order:

  • Place the first one just above that Witch Hunter's left eye
  • Place the second one goes between the index finger and thumb, without touching that Witch Hunter's palm.
  • Place the last one goes on that Witch Hunter's tongue

Last step, pulls the switch.

Then the Witch Hunter gene will appear (appearance as a tiny blue jeans), drop that genes in the acid wash.

Known Witch Hunters

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