Mel's failed attempt to restore Lennox after turning her into a cat

Witch Came First was a special Halloween episode of Melissa & Joey that aired October 22nd, 2014. Beth Broderick reprises her role as Zelda Spellman (albeit without revealing her name) to inform Mel Burke (Played by Hart) that she is a powerful witch, and the only hope of stopping a Dark Lord that has taken over The Other Realm.  Her powers are restored, and she is given a new Book of Magic in the form of an E-book on a Spell-Phone. 

After the ordeal is over, she is given the choice of returning to her former life as a member of The Witches Council and giving up her new family, or giving up her powers, becoming mortal, and staying with her new family. taking the latter, Zelda wipes everyone's memory of the Dark Lord event, although missing details like Mel's half transformed niece.


  • Warlock, the cat used to play the fully transformed Lennox was one of the last cats to portray Salem during the original show.
  • The Melissa & Joey finale further supports this episode's claim that Mel is Sabrina by announcing Mel is having twins.