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Species Information
Status Extant
Related species *Humans
  • Demons
Season(s) 1, 2
Distinction *Magical powers
  • Longevity
First of all, if you accept the Dark Lord's gifts, you won't die, not for a very long time. Second of all, hell is for mortals. In exchange for their service and devotion, witches are exempt from the eternal flames of damnation. Really, what's needed here is a fundamental shift in thinking.
— Father Blackwood explaining the benefits of being a witch to Sabrina Spellman.

Witches are supernatural beings who are born with the power to affect change by magical means (Witchcraft). Although the term "warlock" is commonly used to differentiate male witches from female witches, it appears that "witch" is a gender-neutral term that does apply to both men and women. While many witches are the devote worshipers of the "Dark Lord," other witches have been known to work against the Devil and use their powers for benevolent purposes.


The origin of witchcraft remains unknown, however, it is known that Lilith, under the service of Lucifer, was the first witch and subsequently, numerous witches have existed for many centuries passing down their knowledge and skills through generations of family lines. Consistent with popular belief, witches do receive their powers from darker forces, and most do worship the Devil.


Lupercalia was started by Roman witches under the reign of Caligula. Lupercalia was named after the Lupercal, the cave where Lupa suckled Romulus and Remus, the twin founders of Rome. Lupercalia was instituted to purify the city and increase health and fertility.

The Feast of Feasts

Centuries ago, the fourteen women belonging to the earliest incarnation of the Church of Night were chased out of the township of Greendale into the hills, the forest. To avoid starvation that winter, Freya, the youngest, strongest witch sacrificed herself and offered up her body as sustenance to her fellow witches. To commemorate this event, witches hold a yearly feast, similar to a mortal Thanksgiving.

The Greendale Thirteen

After the Salem witch trials, the witches of Greendale were terrified by the ongoing witch hunt. Mortals were identifying and arresting witches, including the original "Greendale Thirteen". To appease the mortal's bloodlust and quell the rising witch hysteria, the other witches willingly allowed these thirteen women to be sacrificed and chose not to rescue them. The Greendale Thirteen were held in the Witch's Cell with no sunlight, water, or food. The Greendale Thirteen walked a path to the noose after surviving torture and imprisonment. Mortals surrounded them on either side and if any witch lifted their eyes to meet a human's gaze, they were stoned to death on the spot. In 1692, these thirteen witches were hung in the forest.

Psychological Characteristics

Witches tend to consider themsevles a seprate race from ordinary humans. A great deal of them look down upon mortals, as well as half-witch and half-mortal hybrids. Witches also have predisposition towards evil, as they worship the Devil and seem to garner power from darker forces. Witches also have a tendencay to engage in canabilsm, feasting on both witch and mortal flesh alike on several ocassions.


The Anti-Pope presides over the Witches' Council, deciding witch laws and witches' policy.

Witches' Council

The Witches' Council is the governing body of witches and warlocks. The Witches' Council is comprised of extremely powerful, albeit old warlocks.


The Trivium, also known as the Infernal Three acts as judges for the witch community.

High Priest

The High Priest is the leader of a coven and makes all important decisions regarding the safety and protection of their coven.

Witches are obliged to follow a set of laws and rules imposed by the Witches' Council and reinforced by the High Priest of their coven. Sometimes, High Priests can expand on the Witch Laws with additional rules.

  • No witch shall marry a mortal.
  • Novitiates must be virginal for their Dark Baptism.
  • The Path of Night or the Path of Light must be chosen.
  • The Dark Lord gets to decide what a witch does with her body.
  • Guilty until proven innocent.
  • Blood demands blood.
  • On the day of his wedding, a warlock groom can kiss as many women as he pleases.
  • The murderer of another witch or warlock shall be executed.

Many young witches and warlocks attend the Academy of Unseen Arts where they are educated in magic and presumably learn to control their powers.

Dark Baptism

When a witch or warlock turns sixteen, they undergo their Dark Baptism and sign their names in the Book of the Beast. They must choose the Path of Night or the Path of Light.

Feast of Feasts

The Feast of Feasts is an annual holiday hosted by the High Priest of the Church of Night. A witch is chosen to sacrifice her life to be feasted upon by their fellow witches. One witch is selected from fourteen families.

Winter Solstice

Witches light a Yule Log to keep the bad things out. The Winter Solstice is when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest form. Like mortal Christmas, the Winter Solstice is about families coming together.


Lupercalia is an annual holiday that coincides with mortal Valentine's Day. The festival is comprised of three events that climaxes in a frenzy of orgiastic carnality in the woods.

Black Weddings

When a witch and warlock get married, they undergo a Black Wedding. The Black Wedding is conducted by a High-level warlock such as the High Priest or the Anti-Pope. Demons who rule marriage and lust are invoked during the wedding such as Astaroth, Furfur, Hathor, Ishtar, Saleous, Uvall, and Vassage.


Witches appear indistinguishable from mortals. Some witches, such as the Weird Sisters have been known to have ghoulish appearances that consists of glowing eyes, occasionally greyish skin, occasionally no nose, black rimmed eyes and teeth, and sharp teeth. It is unknown if all witches have ghoulish appearances. Witches are capable of having children with mortals despite the fact that it is forbidden. According to Zelda Spellman, a witch's term of pregnancy is thirteen months.

Powers and Abilities

Depending on their level of skill, witches possess a number of magical powers. By joining together, witches can increase their magical strength. Among their many supernatural talents are:

  • Spell Casting: One of the defining characteristics of a witch is their ability to cast-spells; a "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out a magical action. A spell could consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these, many of which are archived in books. Although the majority of spells are spoken in ancient languages (i.e. Latin), some spells may be performed in the native language of the caster.
    • Charms: Spells that alter an object's inherent qualities (i.e. its behavior and capabilities). For example, a spell to levitate an object or change its color can be considered a charm.
    • Transfiguration: Spells of this nature alter an object's form or appearance.
    • Conjuration: Spells that magically create objects out of nothingness. Such spells can also be used to conjure the elements (e.g. a storm, fire, water, etc.).
    • Hexes and Jinxes: Spells such as these affect an object or person in a negative manner; jinxes are amusing, almost playful, spells whose effects are irritating and only cause minor inconvenience to the target, while hexes cause major inconvenience to the target.
    • Curses: Truly malevolent acts of magic, whose intent is to affect the target in a strongly negative manner.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew and concoct potions, remedies, and elixirs that have supernatural properties.
  • Longevity: Witches are extremely long-lived, aging at an especially slow rate; while Zelda, Hilda Spellman, and Gryla appear to be middle-aged women, it has been confirmed they're actually much older. According to Ambrose, once a half-witch undergoes their Dark Baptism and is fully a witch, they stay younger longer.[1] The oldest witch is Lilith, as she is the first witch and first existing women.[2]


  • Mortality: Despite their mystical attributes, witches are still human and share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. blood loss, immolation, snapped neck, etc.). However, witches can get around this weakness through the use of resurrection spells and the Cain Pit.
  • Witchcraft: Witches themselves are susceptible to the powers of witchcraft.

Spells and Rituals


  • Binding Spell: A spell to bind a person to a specific location and prevent them from leaving.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Unknown
    • Used by: The Witch Council used this spell on Ambrose Spellman to the Spellman Mortuary for 75 years as punishment.[1] Luke Chalfant used this spell on Ambrose to bind him to the Academy of Unseen Arts to protect him and keep him safe.[3]
  • Love cognition Spell: A spell to find out if someone is in love with you.
    • Incantation: Lavender’s blue, rosemary’s green; she will be loved as soon as seen, Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit,
    • Requirements: Target's hair, a candle, a rope, lavender rosemary, coltsfood and myosotis.
    • Used by: Sabrina and Ambrose used this spell on Harvey to find out his true feelings for Sabrina. The Spell got broken through true loves kiss.
  • Home sending Spell: a Spell to send someone home.
    • Incantation: Ladybug Ladybug fly away Home
    • Requirements: Ladybug
    • Used by Sabrina cast this spell to convince Harvey to go home.
  • Omen Repelling Spell: A spell seemingly used to banish omens from the casting witch's life.
    • Incantation: Absit omen.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Sabrina recited this spell after a bat flew into her room. As she muttered the spell, Sabrina crushed the bat with a large book. [1]
  • Familiar Summoning Spell: A spell found in the Demonomicon that is used to call upon any familiar.
    • Incantation Spirits of the forest, I pronounce my intentions to thee. Come forth and seek me, and equal we will be. Not master and servant, but familiar to familiar, to share our knowledge, our spirit, and our traits. And now, spirits, we will wait.
    • Requirements: A bell, wooden stick
    • Used by: Prior to performing this spell, Sabrina mentions to Zelda that she's to practice it an untold number of times and Sabrina wished to use this spell to call out anyone willing to volunteer to be her familiar instead of picking one from the Council's registry. Later that day, she went out into the woods and performed the spell. She first rang the bell and created circles into the ground with a wooden stick.[1]
  • Blood Curse Spell: A spell that eats away at its victim's health, will, and sanity.
    • Incantation Vos omnes ministri odey et destructiones et seratore discorde. Et qui libiter opera facitis et tractibus, quod eat noce. Vos conjurae idec nos conjuo et odit fiat mier alve, Sabrina.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: The Weird Sisters used this curse on Sabrina for simply being a Half-Witch.[1]
  • Curse Removal Spell: A counter-spell to a Curse.
    • Incantation If truly I am cursed today, let water wash the hex away. If truly I am cursed today, let water wash the hex away.
    • Requirements: Water.
    • Used by: Sabrina attempted to remove the Weird Sisters' curse with water, though the spell did not work. Hilda noted that it lingered and a regimen of salt water baths and reversing candles over the course of a couple weeks would do the trick.[1]
  • Memory Removal Spell: A spell that is used to remove the recent memories of others.
    • Incantation: Bless your mind, bless your heart, let these painful thoughts depart.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Sabrina used this spell to erase Harvey's memory after she revealed to him she was a witch.[1]
  • Spider Spell: A spell used to make spiders appear in a specific place or target's location.
    • Incantation: Spider, O Spider, pray why do you spin your pretty white web so fine and so thin? To catch fat flies and make them into pies. Spider, O spider, pray, do you not see? Here comes a big, buzzing, blundering bee. He'll spoil your fine net while you fume and you fret, but no mercy you grant, and no mercy you'll get.
    • Requirements: A picture of the target, spiders.
    • Used by: Sabrina and Ambrose used this spell to traumatize, using his fear of spiders, Principal Hawthorne into taking a few days off so that Sabrina could have her club, WICCA, approved by their assistant principal, Ms. Glover.[1]
  • Navigation Spell: A spell used to navigate the twists and turns through a hay-bell maze to make it out the other side.
    • Incantation: Hickery Pickery, Hickery Pickery, where shall this girl go? She'll go east, she'll go west, she'll go to the crow's nest. Hickery Pickery, Hickery Pickery.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Sabrina performed this spell to help her through a hay-bell maze so she could make it to the oldest apple tree in the orchard.[1]
  • Witch Summoning Spell: A spell used to summon a witch from one location to another.
    • Sabrina's First Incantation: The weird sisters, hand in hand, travelers of the sea and land. Thrice to thine and thrice to mine, and thrice again, to make up nine. Peace! The charm's wound up.
    • Sabrina's Second Incantation: Hic ante circulum appareatis prudentiae, Prudence. In pulchra figura humana, et tortua sitate aliqua.
    • Requirements: A three-pointed stick, white twine (First incantation). Puppet of the target, red twine (Second incantation)
    • Used by: Sabrina used the first spell to summon the Weird Sisters to the Greendale Wood to strike a deal.[4] The Weird Sisters likely used this spell to summon Sabrina to the Witch's Cell.[5] Sabrina used another incantation to summon Prudence to speak about her sisters.[6] Both Father Blackwood and Luke Chalfant used a similar spell to summon Zelda and Ambrose, respectively, to the Academy of Unseen Arts.[3]
  • Illusion Spell: A spell to cause the intended targets to hallucinate.
    • Incantation: None
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Sabrina and the Weird Sisters used this spell on the mortal boys who hurt Sabrina's friend, Susie Putnam. The illusion made it seem like they were kissing the girls, when they were, actually, kissing one another.[4]
  • Impotence Spell: A spell to cause impotence in men.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: The Weird Sisters used this spell on the mortal boys who hurt Sabrina's friend, believing that a few weeks of impotence would teach them better manners. Their 'boyhoods' were then represented as birds in a cage, thus preventing them from rising to any occasion and would only be granted it back if, or when, the birds were released.[4]
  • Chlorokinesis Spell: A spell to control and manipulate plants.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Unknown
    • Used by: The witches of the Church of Night used this spell to attempt to restrain Sabrina with vines.[4]
  • Circle of Protection Spell: A spell that encloses a location in a ring of protection and that should a witch, save the Spellmans, cross its bounds will be engulfed in fire.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Ambrose stated to Father Blackwood and the other members of the Church of Night that he cast this spell to protect Sabrina. Merely mentioning such a spell caused their ambition to reclaim Sabrina after she fled her Dark Baptism to falter. When prompted by Sabrina on when he cast the spell, he told Sabrina that he hadn't but after the witches turn to leave, he should probably start. It remains unknown if he actually performed this after the witches left.[4]
  • Astral Projection Spell: A spell used to travel outside one's physical body through spirit form.
    • Incantation: Vola anima per aeterna. (Repeated several times)
    • Requirements: Candles lit around the body, the precise location one wishes to project to, and a map
    • Used by: Ambrose used this spell to astral project his form to Cerberus Books where he had a date with Luke Chalfant. However, before he began the spell, Hilda warned him that only the dead are allowed to travel the astral plane and a witch can only astral project for so long before the psychopomps either carry his spirit to the afterlife or report him to the Dweller in the Abyss.[5] Sabrina used this spell to astral project her form to Jesse Putnam's room to see if Jesse is possessed by a demon.[7] Hilda used this spell to astral-project her form to Baxter High to inform Sabrina about Father Blackwood's emergency meeting.[3] Nick performed this or a similar spell to visit Sabrina in her bedroom and simply wanted to check up on her after their time at Dorian Gray's gentleman's club and that there was no pressure for her to go through with Lupercalia. Sabrina would later perform this spell to visit Rosalind to talk to her about the Lupercalia and how she would know if she was ready to be with Nick intimately.[8]
  • Hanging Spell: A spell to telekinetically hang a person and leave them suspended in mid-air to choke until their death or the release of the spell.
    • Incantation: Light as a feather, stiff as a board. (Repeated several times)
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Quentin and other ghosts of former Academy of Unseen Arts students cast this spell on the Weird Sisters as vengeance and to scare them into stopping the harrowing tradition of new witches as well as to protect Sabrina when Prudence threatened to kill her.[5]
  • House Sealing Spell: A spell to seal a house to keep a threat from escaping into the world.
    • Incantation: Ex spiritibus enim sie te aeris. Qui Ompotentiam Tuam parcendo clavem ad. Ostium ligate Diabolum hunc!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Zelda, Hilda, Sabrina, and Ambrose used this spell to seal their house and keep Batibat from escaping into the world. Zelda states to the demon that they were the only ones that knew the spell and it would be lost should they be killed.[9]
  • Demon Trapping Spell: A spell to trap and contain a demon within an object or place.
    • Zelda's Incantation: Turpis et infernis in terris pariunt. Adiuro vos tamen hoc graecas munus.
    • Sabrina's Incantation: Turpis et infernis in terris pariunt. Et furantur verba haec locutus sum vobis Laetitia. Punctum baculus parit malediction. Adiuro vos tamen hoc graecas munus.
    • Requirements: Object to trap demon inside of (e.g. jar, urn, etc.)
    • Used by: Edward used this spell to trap Batibat in the Acheron Configuration for 70 years. Zelda used this and trapped the demon, Batibat, inside a burial urn. However, Zelda and the other Spellmans were already under Batibat's thrall and was merely a dream. After Sabrina was freed from the dream by Mary Wardwell, she used a similar spell to entrap the sleep demon inside a mason jar.[9]
  • Demon Banishment Spell: A spell to banish a demon.
    • First Incantation: I banish thee, Batibat. Tu me misisti, et contentiones sint causa doloris mei.
    • Second Incantation: Tergente fuoco quod evoco. Te exigo.
    • Father Blackwood's Incantation: Beelzebub, I banish you, Purson, I banish you, Asmodeus, I banish you
    • Requirements: Acheron Configuration
    • Used by: Sabrina attempted this spell to banish Batibat into the Acheron Configuration, but wasn't strong enough to successfully banish her within its prison.[9] Using a book of banishments, Sabrina banished the demon Asmodeus when she was attacked at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Father Blackwood used this spell to banish The Three Plague Kings. [10]
  • Glamour Spell: A spell that allows the witch to create an illusion, concealing the true form of something.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Sabrina used this spell to glamour her familiar, Salem, in order to distract the sleep demon, Batibat, while she obtained the spell to trap her.[9] Nick performed this spell, along with Melvin, to prevent Dorcas from matching with him during the Lupercalia matching ceremony.[8] Sabrina and Nick performed this spell to pose as Edward and Diana Spellman, respectively, to stop Zelda's wedding to Father Blackwood; the glamour however did not fool Father Blackwood and he broke their spell.[11] Hilda visited the Academy to see how Ambrose was doing, being held there after the assassination of the Anti-Pope. Prudence wanting a confession from Ambrose however assigned Dorcas and Agatha to glamour as Hilda and Ambrose, respectively, in their attempt to fool Ambrose and Hilda and spur a confession of guilt. Both Hilda and Ambrose saw through the ruse and Ambrose remained firm in his innocence.[12]
  • Astral Liberation Spell: A spell to free another witch from an astral projection.
    • Incantation: Liberate tuteme ex fuga.
    • Requirements: Person's name
    • Used by: Ambrose used this spell to free Sabrina from almost dying in her astral form when she was attacked by Apophis.[7]
  • Exorcism Ritual: A rite that can be used by a witch to free a person from possession by a demon.
    • Incantation: We call forth the witches from the shade. Those who came before us, and died, so that we might live. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call forth the powers of Lilith, of Aradia, of Morgan le Fay. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call on Black Annis, I call on Anne Boleyn. I call on the Witch of Endor. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call on Hecate, on Artemis, on Luna to expel this demon. Expel Apophis. Return him to the Dark Lord. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call on Hildegard of Bingen, I call Marie Laveau. I call Tituba, I call Mary Bradbury. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call Nehman, Badb, Macha. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call Circe, I call Moll Dyer. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call on Juventas, the virgin, on Juno, the mother. Lend us your power. Expel the demon. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. I call upon Sybil Leek. I call upon Priscilla Spellman. I call upon Francis Spellman. I call upon Evanora and Locasta Spellman. Come forth, Kindly Ones. Come forth, Mother of Darkness. Lend us your power. Expel the demon Apophis! Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf. Visit us, Sisters. Intercede on our behalf.
    • Requirements: Salt
    • Used by: Sabrina, Hilda, and Ms. Wardwell performed this spell by calling upon witches of the shade and invoked their power to exorcised the demon, Apophis, from Jesse Putnam. With the arrival of Zelda, invoking the Spellman ancestors, they were successful in performing the first witch exorcism. However, Jesse later died. His death was made to appear as a result of the exorcism, though he was actually killed by Mary and her Jesse-themed poppet.[7]
  • Cloaking Spell: A spell that renders a being, location, or object physically undetectable to the senses.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Wool Yarn, other witches to form an pentagram.
    • Used by: Mary Wardwell, Sabrina, and the Weird Sisters performed this spell to hide themselves and the dead familiar from being spotted by the Kinkle Family.
  • Blindness Curse: A spell to inflict a person and their entire bloodline with blindness.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Unknown
    • Used by: Centuries ago, Greendale witches cursed the Walker women with blindness for accusing a woman of being a witch.[13]
  • Protection Spell: A spell used for someone's protection against another witch's magic.
    • Incantation: Qui affecto protego, mixtisque iubas serpentibus et posteris meis stirpiqui. (Repeated several times)
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Sabrina used this spell to protect Harvey in fear that the Weird Sisters may harm him after the Kinkles shot the familiar in Moon Valley.[13] Sabrina, Hilda, Zelda and Ambrose also used this spell to protect Baxter High from the Greendale Thirteen's wrath upon the townsfolk of Greendale. The majority of the coven of the Church of Night also used this spell to fortify the Academy of Unseen Arts against the same threat and Nicholas Scratch did the same for the Kinkle's home. [3]Sabrina also used this spell on Nicholas to protect him, shortly before he went to hunt down his familiar Amalia. [8]
  • Ballot Box Enchantment: An enchantment placed over a ballot box to favor one person over another as the winner.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Ballot box
    • Used by: Lady Blackwood cast this spell on the ballot box to favor the choosing of Prudence, over the other witches, so she would become Queen of the Feast, thus resulting in her death. Lady Blackwood sought to have her sacrificed as she was the illegitimate daughter of her husband and, despite her illegitimacy, held a claim to the title of High Priest over her unborn children.[13]
  • Remote Killing Spell: A spell to kill an individual.
    • Incantation: Let sticks and stones break the witch hunters' bones.
    • Requirements: Stones, Poppets
    • Used by: Agatha and Dorcas used this spell in an attempt to kill Harvey and Tommy after they discovered they were witch hunters that killed a familiar. Due to the familiar's death, blood atonement was demanded and revenge for the deaths of the massacred witches and familiar by the Kinkle Family.[13]
  • Confidence Spell: A spell to give someone strength and confidence.
    • Incantation: Strength by day, strength by night, give him strength, give him might.
    • Requirements: Target
    • Used by: Sabrina performed this spell on Harvey at his brother's funeral so he would not struggle with his speech or become overwhelmed and breakdown.[14]
  • Restraining Spell: A spell to restrain a target and prevent them from moving.
    • Prudence's Incantation: Prohibere!
    • Nicholas' Incantation: Abi in malem cursem.
    • Requirements: Target; Bone and twine (Nicholas's spell)
    • Used by: Zelda Spellman used this spell non-verbally to prevent Mr. Kinkle to hit Harvey, during Tommy's funeral.[15] During Zelda and Father Blackwood's wedding, Ambrose, following Sabrina and Nick, attempted to ambush and kill Father Blackwood for using him to kill the Anti-Pope. Prudence, however, was quicker and able to stop Ambrose.[11] Using Madam Satan's rib, Nick used this spell to restrain her movements when Sabrina realized that she orchestrated her going down the Path of Darkness and the fulfillment of the prophecy that brings about the apocalypse.[16] Later, Madame Satan used this spell non-verbally to hold the Dark Lord back, sooner after he escapes from Acheron Configuration.[2]
  • Rite of Resurrection: A three-stage rite capable of resurrecting the dead.
    • Incantation: Hounds of Heaven, Hounds of Hell, Hounds of Earth, Guardians of the Door, we summon thee to help us resurrect the fallen son. No si vocare te. No si vocare te. No si vocare te. No si vocare te. We bow before the Door that divides the World of the Living from the World of the Dead. With humble gratitude, we ask that it be opened. Aperi ianuam. Aperi ianuam. Aperi ianuam. Aperi ianuam. Unholiest of Spirits, we offer thee a life for a life! O mighty Dark Lord. Vita est vita. By whom all is set afire, thy power be thy path, thy will my desire. Vita est vita. The Hounds invoked. The Door opened. The price paid in blood. Thomas Kinkle, we entreat thee. Rise. Rise. Rise!
    • Requirements: Pentagram, target's effigy, living person
    • Used by: Sabrina, Prudence Blackwood, Dorcas, and Nicholas Scratch performed this rite in order to resurrect Tommy Kinkle. The first stage of the rite invoked the hounds. Stage two involved opening the door between worlds, between the living and dead. The third and final stage is the sacrifice. For Agatha's treachery to Prudence, she and Sabrina decided that she would be the sacrifice. Sabrina slit her throat and finished the spell. Upon the completion of the final verse, they waited for thirteen minutes, time enough for all the traces of the witch's soul to leave the body. Though complete, the spell, however, only resurrected Tommy's body and not his soul.[15]
  • Mortal Limbo Portal Spell: A spell to open the portal to Mortal Limbo.
    • Incantation: Redi ad periculum tuum.
    • Requirements: A wooden piles
    • Used by: Sabrina used this spell to open a portal in the Greendale Woods, to the Mortal Limbo.
  • Catching Spell: A spell to root a witch to a specific spot by driving a spike through that witch's footprint. The victim will remain rooted to the spot until the spike is removed.
    • Incantation: None
    • Requirements: Spike, target witch's footprint
    • Used by: Nicholas used this spell to trap Prudence and Dorcas.[15]
  • The Red Angel of Death Summoning Spell: A spell to summon the Red Angel of Death.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Figurine of the Red Angel of Death
    • Used by: The Greendale Thirteen used this spell to exact their revenge on the inhabitants of Greendale, both witch and mortal alike, but calling forth the butcher, the Red Angel of Death. While they waited for his appearance, they traveled to Baxter High, the Academy of Unseen Arts, and to Rosalind Walker's nana's retirement home to knock down all the doors for him so he'd be able to eliminate all firstborns.[3]
  • Tornado Summoning Spell: A spell used to make a tornado appear in a specific location.
    • Incantation: Boreas, North Wind, I summon you. Euros, East Wind, I summon you. Notos, South Wind, I summon you. Zephyrus, West Wind, I summon you.
    • Requirements: A map of the target area, a bowl of water, four lidded glass jars
    • Used by: Sabrina, Hilda, Zelda and Ambrose used this spell to create a twister in order to encourage the mortals of Greendale into taking shelter in the bowels of Baxter High.[3]
  • Running Away Spell: A spell to make someone run away.
    • Incantation: Hear me, Heed me. Run Away. Live to see another day.
    • Requirements: A person
    • Used by: Hilda used this spell on Dr. Cerberus to make him run away before the Red Angel of Death would break open the doors to Baxter High.[3]
  • Hellfire Summoning Spell: A spell used to call forth fire from the pits of Hell.
    • Incantation: Ater ignus, fusce fume. Te evoco ut potentium tuam monstres. Cupidibus flammis hic veni. Caelo sub isto, harc arborem consumo. Lucem tenebrasque tuas monstra. Impetuum tuum evoco ad devorandum. Hanc arborem ac omnes hospitas devora.
    • Requirements: A powerful witch
    • Used by: In order to eliminate the Greendale Thirteen, Sabrina, having signed her named in the Book of the Beast, performed this spell to call forth the fires from the Pit of Hell. The searing inferno consumed their souls and, despite being ghosts, their charred bodies fell from the sky like ash. Prior to Sabrina, only three others in all of witch history have performed such a feat.[3]
  • Yule Log Watering Spell: A spell to put out the Yule log of a home, making it unprotected against all unearthly things during the Solstice.
    • Incantation: Bartel Warden of the longest night, fey things fear the Yule fire's light. But Yule flame dead then portal's laid bare now darkness comes to trick and to tear.
    • Requirements: A bowl containing water and a target house maquette.
    • Used by: Mary Wardwell casted this spell on Spellman's house, to turn it vulnerable to all unearthly things, including spirits, on the eve of the Solstice, in order to prevent Sabrina from contacting Diana's spirit.[17]
  • Séance: A ritual to communicate with a spirit.
    • Incantation: Spirits below and above, spirits in between, caught in the fabric betwixt worlds, we ask that the veil be lifted and that you send forth the spirit of Diana Regina Sawyer-Spellman. Diana, you're welcome to this house, to this circle. If you're here, we ask that you make your presence known.
    • Requirements: Candles, an object that belonged to the specified spirit
    • Used by: Sabrina and the Weird Sisters performed a séance to contact Diana so that Sabrina would be able talk to her mom. Agatha particularly wanted to help as she had been practicing her skills as a spiritualist.[17]
  • Spirit Expulsion Spell: A spell to expel a spirit from a corpse.
    • Incantation: Carnis et ossa excede!
    • Requirements: Possessed corpse
    • Used by: Ambrose performed this spell on the corpse that he was went to embalm. Once case, the corpse fell to the floor, lifeless once more. He initially believed that the corpse was possessed by a poltergeist, but Zelda corrected him, that it was in fact the Yule Lads.[17]
  • Changeling Spell: A spell cast upon an object, to look like that of a baby, that switches out the fake object with the real baby.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Unknown
    • Used by: Sabrina Spellman performed this spell, upon her mother's instruction, on Ambrose's teddy bear. The enchanted bear bore the resemblance of and switched places with Leticia. The spell ultimately tricked Gryla into believing that she had taken the real baby from the Spellmans. The spell, however, was short lived as it wore off, revealing the teddy bear, as Gryla made her way back up the mountains.[17]
  • Teleportation Spell: A spell to teleport a person from one location to another.
    • Ambrose's Incantation: Lacunae magicae.
    • Incantation: Ianuae magicae.
    • Requirements: Unknown
    • Used by: Ambrose used this spell to teleport Rosalind home, so that her parents wouldn't worry, after having babysat Leticia while the Spellmans looked for Susie.[17] When Sabrina choked upon an apple, caused by the Dark Lord himself, Nick teleported her home to Hilda so she could perform the Heimlich maneuver on her before she suffocated. Given her contempt for Zelda, her new faulty position at the Academy, and her relationship with Father Blackwood, Shirley Jackson teleported her familiar, a frog, into Zelda's throat to humiliate her in front of her students.[18] After Ambrose was forced to kill the Anti-Pope by Father Blackwood, he stood, covered in blood with dagger in hand and framed for murder. While Father Blackwood killed several other framed witches, Ambrose teleported away.[11] Nick attempted to perform this spell, however he was too drunk to perform magic.[12] In their bid to stop Lucifer from claiming Sabrina as his Queen, Ambrose, Zelda, and Hilda teleported to where Sabrina was born and attempted to kill him, however thier plan was foiled and Sabrina was forced to unleash hell on Earth. The gates to Hell however was stopped from being opened by Rosalind, Harvey, and Theo. After Father Blackwood posioned the Church of Night, Prudence rushed to save her sisters, Agatha and Dorcas, and teleported them to the Spellmans, where Hilda would car for them. Zelda and Ambrose would teleport back to the desecrated church to bring back more coven members teleporting them back to Hilda.[2]

  • Clothes Changing Spell: A spell to changes one's own clothes.
    • Incantation: None
    • Requirements: A Mirror
    • Used by: Sabrina performed this non-verbal spell in her room, in front of her mirror to choose which outfit she would wear for the day.[10]
  • Telekinetic Guidance Spell: A spell to greatly improve hand-to-eye coordination using telekinesis, whether to grab a book from a shelf at a distance or to shoot a basketball.
    • First Incantation: Pons meum aer fiat. Scriptum quod peto mihi mitte.
    • Second Incantation: Pons meum aer fiat. Ad illuc hoc ducunt oculi mei.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Sabrina first used this spell when confronted by Asmodeus in the Academy of Unseen Arts. The spell called forth a book of banishments to her that she caught mid air. She would later perform a similar spell to help Theo when he tried out for the boy's basketball team; he scored each basket every time he threw the ball as she recited the spell.[10]
  • Knowledge Transference Spell: A spell to transfer knowledge to others.
    • Incantation: Unknown
    • Requirements: Two or more Witches
    • Used by: Prudence, along with Agatha and Dorcas, performed this spell with Sabrina to help her answer numerous questions correctly, so that Sabrina could win and become Top Boy at the Academy of Unseen Arts.[10]
    • Demon Conjuring Spell: A spell to summon forth a demon.
      • First Incantation: Vos evoco, formidablies reges. [...] ubi dolores habitant!
      • Requirements: Binding circles, two witches
      • Used by: After having fought off three high demons, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Purson, Sabrina believed that Father Blackwood or someone within the Academy was responsible of summoning them to specifically attack and kill her. Recruiting Nick to help her, together they summoned the three demons and bound them in their joined binding circle to get the truth straight from the horse's mouth. After summoning the three, they told her that they were not commanded, that they were Kings, and wished death upon the half-spawn witch to prevent her from ascending. Before they could elaborate further, Father Blackwood would banished them back back from whence they came.[10]
    • Earworm Poppet Spell: A spell to introduce earworms into its target so that the casting witch can make the target do their bidding.
      • First Incantation: The worms crawl in. The worms crawl out. The worms play pinochle on your snout. They eat your eyes. They eat your nose. They eat the jelly between your toes.
      • Requirements: Earworms, poppet
      • Used by: After having been humiliated in front of her student by Sister Jackson, Hilda assisted Zelda to cast a poppet spell on Shirley. Hilda instructed Zelda to unstitch the poppet's head and sew in earworms. Once complete she recited the song and when recited a second time, Shirley would be compelled to do as she was asked by Zelda. Later at the Academy, Shirley mocked Zelda, who was looking for Father Blackwood, which prompted her to ask Shirley to make her way up to the balcony and throw herself off. After singing the song, Shirley did as she was told and made her way up to the balcony and prepared to throw herself from the ledge, though Zelda stopped her, to make a point, before she went any further. Before walking off, she did comment that, if Shirley crossed her again, she wouldn't stop her.[18]
    • Sealing Spell: A spell to seal a doorway to prevent someone or something from passing through.
      • Incantation: Vobis non transeat.
      • Requirements: Doorway
      • Used by: Nick performed this spell on the library doors at Baxter high to prevent his familiar, Amalia, from following him and Sabrina.[8]
    • Bi-Location Spell: A spell send a witch to another location or to bring them back.
      • Incantation: Nunc dissipati peribunt.
      • Reversal Incantation: Peribunt dissipati nunc.
      • Requirements: Cabinet
      • Used by: During a tarot card reading, Sabrina had a vision of what could come to pass. Within this vision, Nick performed this spell on Prudence and teleported her to, what the audience believed as the Other Realm. When Prudence asked to be brought back, Nick performed the reversal spell, though she did not return to the cabinet from where she disappeared. The spell however was revealed to be a trick and simply caused her to vanish; bi-location, as Prudence called it.[19]
    • Weightlessness Spell: A spell to render someone truly weightless, allowing one to float.
      • Incantation: Radices interficiam te de terra.
      • Requirements: Target
      • Used by: During a tarot card reading, Sabrina had a vision of what could come to pass. Within this vision, Nick performed this spell on her and he floated mid-air upon the stage. Prudence, Dorcas and Agatha however hijacked the spell and caused her to float higher and higher until she froze to death.[19]
    • Ghost Unbinding Spell: A spell to release a ghost and allow them to sleep, forever..
      • Incantation: Somnum sempiternum.
      • Requirements: Target ghost
      • Used by: When Shirley Jackson disturbed and raised Lady Blackwood's ghost, Hilda, assisted as bait with Sabrina, helped her move on and to spell. She performed this spell on her ghost, releasing her.[11]
    • Glamour Removal Spell: A spell to release a glamour and reveal the casting witch(es).
      • Incantation: Detegant istos ostenderet falsa!
      • Requirements: Target
      • Used by: Sabrina and Nick performed this spell to pose as Edward and Diana Spellman, respectively, to stop Zelda's wedding to Father Blackwood; the glamour however did not fool Father Blackwood, as Edward would never disrupt such ceremonies, no matter the situation, and he broke their spell.[11]
    • Trivium Summoning Spell: A spell to summon the Infernal Three, the Trivium.
      • Incantation: We raise our pleas to Lucifer. The wheels of justice grind too slowly. Our judge, jury, executioner... Convene the Trivium Unholy!
      • Requirements: Candles
      • Used by: Hilda and Sabrina performed this spell to summon the Trivium to the Spellman Mortuary to appeal on behalf of Ambrose, who was being held at the Academy without Trial and being tortured. However, the council already consulted with Father Blackwood, and Sabrina's appeal was overturned and there would be no trail. They also warned her that should she summon them again, she would be held in contempt.[12]
    • Comfort Charm Spell: An enchantment on a bag to provide comfort to those that have it in their possession.
      • Incantation: Unknown
      • Requirements: Small leather bag with unknown objects inside
      • Used by: After learning that Rosalind had secluded herself from other when she went fully blind, Sabrina made this charm to give her comfort. She got the spell from Madam Satan. Rosalind, however, not adjusting well to her sudden blindness did not accept the gift.[12]
    • Disappearance Spell: A spell that causes an object to disappear.
      • Incantation: Evanescet
      • Requirements: Small leather bag
      • Used by: Rosalind called Sabrina and warned her that the man that was in her home was there to kill her. After Sabrina saw the knife in Jerathmiel's hand, she ran from the house and he gave chase. Closing the front door behind her, she performed this spell to cause the door handle to disappear, preventing Jerathmiel to follow. As Sabrina got on her bike and rode off, Jerathmiel body slammed the door until he managed to break through.[12]
    • Confession Spell: A spell that compels its target to confess to a crime.
      • Incantation: Confess (repeated) I, Ambrose Spellman, am a traitor to the Church of Night. I did willingly and knowingly take up arms against the Anti-Pope and murdered him in his bed.
      • Requirements: Coven of witches (15 total) with hands held, concentration
      • Used by: Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas, along with the Academy students performed this spell in the Weird Sisters bid to get Ambrose to confess to his crimes of murdering the Anti-Pope. The spell seemed to have no effect and was even cut short with the arrival of the Witch-hunters.[12]
    • Killing Spell: A spell to kill another person causing their brain to atomize into sand, lungs to harden, and heart to turn into stone.
      • Incantation: Andrelamastro, matarastar, frocus!
      • Requirements: The Weird Sisters
      • Used by: In their duty to protect the Academy, the Weird Sisters performed this spell in their attempt to kill the invading Witch-hunters. However, they were no ordinary hunters, they were divine angels and claimed dominion on the heretics, breaking their spell and caused them to convulse in pain and collapse to the floor.[12]
    • Healing Spell: A spell to heal another person.
      • Incantation: Rivers must flow that blood may not. Blood be bound, and blood be clot.
      • Requirements: None
      • Used by: Hilda performed this spell to heal Amrbrose of his injuries after his run-in with the witch-hunter angels. His wounds however would not heal despite Hilda's spell.[12]
    • Caligari Spell: A spell, typically used by old warlocks, to turn their wives into somnambulists; conscious witches aware of their every action, yet, unable to make their own choices.
      • Incantation: Unknown
      • Requirements: Music box
      • Used by: Father Blackwood performed this spell on his new wife, Zelda Spellman, to make her docile and obedient to his will. The spell was broken when Hilda broke a photograph of her that was contained within the music box.[20]
    • The Weird Sisters' Killing Spell: A spell to kill another person.
      • Incantation: A ring, a ring of roses. His pockets lined with stones and ashes, ashes, he falls down dead. A ring, a ring of roses. His blood like water flows and ashes, ashes, he falls down dead. A ring, a ring of roses. A pocket full of posies. One for Jack...
      • Requirements: The Weird Sisters, red ribbon
      • Used by: Given Father Blackwood's willingness to let Prudence die, she enlisted her sisters to enact a spell to kill him. While they were casting the spell, he interrupts them, unaware of their purpose and revealed that Lucifer had returned in his angelic form.[2]
    • Barrier Spell: A spell used to create a magical barrier in order to protect someone from an evil assailment.
      • Incantation: Unknown (it was used non-verbally)
      • Requirements: Multiple witches.
      • Used by: Hilda, Zelda and Ambrose Spellman used this spell jointly to protect Sabrina from being taken by Mary Wardwell, shortly before they discover that she is actually Lilith.[2]
    • Dark Lord Acheron Configuration Sealing Spell: A spell to bind the Dark Lord inside Edward Spellman's Acheron Configuration.
      • Incantation: Tene hoc chaos [...] sanguinem terrae [...] elementa mundi. Tene hoc [...] elementa mundi. Tene hoc sanguinem terrae te dique perdant. Tene hoc chaos! Sanguinem terrae te dique perdant. Elementa mundi [...] chaos [...] te dique perdant. Tene hoc chaos.
      • Requirements: Dark Lord, Acheron Configuration, Numerous witches
      • Used by: Sabrina, with the assistance of her family, Nicholas, Prudence, and her mortal friends enacted this spell to bind Lucifer Morningstar to Edward's Acheron Configuration. However, the spell did not hold him and he broke free.[2]
    • Flesh Acheron Sealing Spell: A spell to bind the Dark Lord inside of a better, stronger prison - the "human body" of flesh and bone, the strongest and most sacred bindings in nature.
      • Incantation: Carne teneantur tenere tenebrasque. Palatium, carcere [...]
      • Requirements: Dark Lord, Flesh and bone prison (a body)
      • Used by: After Lucifer broke free from Edward's Acheron Configuration, Nick sacrificed himself to bind Lucifer to his body, flesh and bone being nature's strongest and most sacred prison. Despite being imprisoned within Nick's body, Lucifer had some control over him and was still able to move as if he possessed Nick. He was placed under a sleeping spell by Amrbose.[2]
    • Sleeping Spell: A spell place a target under a dark sleep.
      • Incantation: Tenebris somnum!
      • Requirements: Target
      • Used by: Despite being imprisoned within Nick's body, Lucifer had some control over him and was still able to move as if he possessed Nick. To keep him restrained in Nick's body, Ambrose placed him under a sleeping spell. He was then taken back to Hell, still in Nick's body, by Madam Satan.[2]


    Witches are able to make potions by using different herbs and plants; Hilda Spellman is particularly gifted in potion-making.

    • Love Potion: Hilda poured a love potion into Luke Chalfant's coffee after he didn't return Ambrose's calls.
    • Truth Potion: The truth potion is a recipe of Sabrina's grandmother. Sabrina and Prudence used a cake that was laced with a truth potion to force Lady Blackwood into confessing that she tampered with the Feast Of Feasts lottery.
    • Sleeping Potion: Sabrina used the sleeping potion in a jar of water to put the recently resurrected Tommy Kinkle to sleep.
    • Alcoholism Healing Potion: A recipe of Hilda's, Sabrina made egg nogg laced with this potion to cure Harvey's dad of his alcoholism.


    • Book of the Beast: The most ancient tome in existence and unholy grimoire that is a property of the Dark Lord. This tome is notably used in a witch's Dark Baptism.
    • Demonomicon: An ancient grimoire filled with spells, such as to summon a familiar.
    • Book of the Dead: A grimoire filled with necromantic spells and rites.
    • Candles: Candles are used in certain spells and rituals.
    • Cauldrons: Cauldrons are used to brew potions.
    • Poppet: A poppet is a human figurine used by witches to represent their victims and establish a magical connection with them.

    Types of Magics

    • Conjuration: A form of magic that associates with summoning demons and other beings.
    • Necromancy: A form of magic that associates with controlling, manipulating, and resurrecting the dead.
    • Herbalism: A form of magic that associates with the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes.
    • Spiritualism: A form of magic that associates with the summoning of and communication with ghosts; it is mainly used in séances.
    • Fertility A form of magic that associates with the conception and birth of babies.

    Known Witches


    Witches tend to belong to covens, often referred to as churches, which themselves are part of the many Churches of Darkness. They are led by a single hierarch, a High Priest. While each coven is mandated to follow the set of Witch Laws imposed by the Anti-Pope and Witches' Council, a coven's High Priest can expand these laws with specific rules and traditions that all in the coven are expected to abide by. If a witch goes against their church's sanctioned rules, they may be excommunicated.

    Known Covens

    • Church of Night
    • Church of Shadows (unconfirmed)


    Part 1

    • "Chapter One: October Country"
    • "Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism"
    • "Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman"
    • "Chapter Four: Witch Academy"
    • "Chapter Five: Dreams in a Witch House"
    • "Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale"
    • "Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts"
    • "Chapter Eight: The Burial"
    • "Chapter Nine: The Returned Man"
    • "Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour"
    • "Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter's Tale"

    Part 2

    • "Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany"
    • "Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman"
    • "Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia"
    • "Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus's House of Horror"
    • "Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood"
    • "Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries"
    • "Chapter Eighteen: The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman"
    • "Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake"
    • "Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz"


    • Witches bare a distinctive mark on their body, known as a "witch's mark", identifying them as such.
      • Half-witches may not bare such a mark.
    • Father Blackwood claims that in exchange for serving the Dark Lord, witches are exempt from Hell.
    • Witches are forbidden to perform exorcisms.
      • However, they are fully capable of performing exorcisms.
    • Witches consider themselves a separate race from mortals, despite being of similar appearance.
    • Midnight is referred to as the 'witching hour'.
    • Madame Satan mentioned that she was excommunicated from the Church of Shadows in New Hampshire. While Lilith was probably lying about her expulsion from said church, there is implied to be a Church of Shadows in New Hampshire as if anyone didn't believe her and looked it up and found it didn't exist, they would discover she was lying.
    • According to Zelda, witches are home-schooled until their Dark Baptism, after which they will attend the Academy of Unseen Arts.
    • According to Tati Gabrielle, Ambrose Spellman is the "eldest", topping his age at 90 years old while she feels like Prudence Blackwood is in her late 70s. She goes on to state that Gavin Leatherwood thinks Nicholas Scratch is in his 50s.[23]
    • Witches usually specialize in a certain aspect of magic. For example Nicholas is specialized in Conjuring, Hilda is specialized in Herbalism Ambrose is specialized in Necromancy Agatha is specialized in Spiritualism and Zelda is specialized in fertility.
    • Witch oaths are often the inverse of vaguely religious human ones (i.e. "Unholy shit", "What the Heaven", "Thank Lucifer", etc.).
    • Warlocks are rarer than Witches.[24]

  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics, witches are gathered in covens, like the Church of Night, and are ruled by a High Council which establishes the Witch Laws and enforce them with harsh methods of punishment.
    • One of the important rules is that of to not mingle with mortals. Subsequently, half-witches are victims of prejudices, in particular, among young witches at the Academy of Unseen Arts.
    • Likewise important is the Witch Baptism. At the age of 16, young witches must decide whether to accept the Dark Lord in a Black Mass and embrace their powers or renounce them forever.
  • Although "witch" seems to be a gender-neutral term, male witches are often called "warlocks" in the comics.
    • Nicholas Scratch, a TV series original character is described as a warlock.
  • Betty and Veronica are practicing witches in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series.
  • In the comic series, Zelda states that witches are incapable of producing tears, which is not the case in the TV series as Sabrina, Zelda, and Prudence did cry on certain occasions.

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