Mr. Kraft:  "That's it, no more buying sushi at the gas station."

Willard Kraft (often referred to as Mr. Kraft), is an administrator at Westbridge High School and regularly issues detentions at the drop of a hat. He started out as Vice Principal in the second and third seasons before becoming principal in Season 4. Mr. Kraft dated both Hilda and Zelda, causing complications for Sabrina. His name is a pun on the term, "witch craft".


Season Two

Mr Kraft punishes Sabrina and her friends at every opportunity; picking on misfits and openly favoring popular students, most notably, head cheerleader Libby Chessler (who has a similar power-mad nature). Mr Kraft is often suspicious of Sabrina, catching glimpses of the weird stuff that happens around her, but often comes to the conclusion that his mind is playing tricks on him. When Willard meets Hilda Spellman, he is instantly overwhelmed by his attraction to her and asks her out. Hilda swiftly rejects him and is repulsed by the mere thought of going out with him. This changes when Willard defends Hilda's honor. The two begin to date, but the relationship doesn't last.

Season Three

Zelda admits to Hilda that she likes Willard and would like to ask him to a dance at the school. Hilda jokes about it, asking if she has had a mental breakdown, but this is to hide the fact that she is jealous. Willard and Zelda begin a serious relationship, much to the chagrin of Hilda and Sabrina. When Zelda believes that Willard is going to propose to her, Hilda and Sabrina summon his ex-wife Lucy, who turns out to be a Witch sent to The Republic of Infinite Horror after her marriage to Willard ended. Lucy uses her witchcraft to win Willard back and Zelda thinks he prefers her (not knowing that Lucy is a witch). Sabrina comes clean when Zelda bursts into tears. Just as Zelda opens her Labtop to use her own magic to get Willard back, an Other Realm judge summons them and sends all parties involved to be mediated on the Jerry Springer Show. Willard has all the potion magically drained from his body and he chooses Zelda.

Season Four

Willard becomes anxious when his brother Wally visits, worried that he will steal Zelda away from him; this fear is nullified when Wally expresses his attraction to Hilda. Willard becomes depressed with his job, so Sabrina casts a spell to help him achieve his child-hood dream: This backfires when Willard ends up piloting a plane that very nearly crashes. Willard crashes into Hilda's car and threatens to sue her, causing Zelda to break up with him. Willard has his final year in Westbridge when the school board decide not to renew his contract. Willard never goes through with the law suit. The last we see of Willard is when he is walking across a street and is run down by Salem (who has stolen Sabrina's new car). Willard struggles to stand up, and is able to do so. Finally, he delivers his last line: "I am suing you... cat?" After this he is never seen again.


  • At the end of season 4, Zelda saw Willard Kraft's true colors in "Four Faces of Sabrina".
  • No one knows what happened to him after Sabrina graduated high school. But we know Mr Kraft will be no longer the principal of the school since the school board won't renew his contract.
  • Willard is divorced by his ex-wife Lucy who was a witch. They split up because she was bossy and mean and also cheated on him with his friend Dexter. After he divorced her she was banished to the Republic of Infinite Horror.
  • He has dated all three witch women like Hilda, Zelda and Lucy. At least Hilda already seen Willard's true colors and find out he is a totally jerk.
  • Willard was unaware they three of his exes and Sabrina are witches.
  • He is a conservative Republican.
  • He has the brother Wally who always had bigger success by women. He appeared in season 4 and he was dating with Hilda for a short time.
  • Willard Kraft and Zelda Spellman did make a great couple, they are both top authority figures, strict disciplinarians to kids and both of them are tough on Sabrina. Both of them are very intelligent and devoted educators. They are also both conservative republicans.