Will is a witch who is an actor and steward on the Halloween Mystery Train in The Other Realm. He is the husband and soul mate of Hilda Spellman.


Sabrina meets Will when she takes her friends on a Halloween Mystery Train. Will is the conductor and main actor of the trip and uses his magic to put everyone in character (erasing their memories once the mystery is solved). On the train, Will seems to take a liking to Zelda Spellman as he was kissing her in interagation.

Will later returns when Hilda runs into him at a mall in the Other Realm. The two instantly fall in love and get engaged. Sabrina and Zelda think Hilda is acting too impulsively, so concoct a plan to have Zelda seduce him. When Hilda walks in on what looks like Will coming on to Zelda, Hilda zaps him back to the Other Realm. Hilda turns to stone and falls to pieces; something that only happens when a witch is separated from her soul mate. Once Sabrina takes Hilda to "Ed's Life and Storage" and brings her back to life, Hilda reunites with Will and they go ahead with the wedding.

Will and Hilda live together in The Other Realm.


  • Will attended The Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theater in L.A. (though it is not known whether he was a student or a teacher), suggesting that he once lived in The Mortal Realm. Presumably, Will ceased to attend the academy once he moved to The Other Realm with Hilda after getting married.
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