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What Price Harvey? is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the sixty-third episode overall.


Concerned about Harvey's decision to become a mechanic and not go to college, Sabrina buys magical ambition body products from her visiting cousin Zsa Zsa and douses Harvey with them. The ambition turns Harvey into an industrial tycoon overnight. Harvey decides to tear down the school and build the base of his Empire there. To prevent this, Sabrina casts a spell to show Harvey what will happen if he continues in that path...he will have children that don't feel loved, the students at the highschool will have to wear masks because of the chemical plant in the football field that he's responsible for, and people will celebrate at his funeral. Harvey doesn't get moved by this and it's up to Sabrina to discover what to do to keep Harvey from destroying everything around him.

Meanwhile, after Zelda gets annoyed by Zsa Zsa and Hilda's practical jokes, Zsa Zsa sells them "walk-a-mile moccasins," which causes them to switch personalities. Also, Salem pinches some concealer out of Zsa Zsa's bag to hide some bags under his eyes, but unfortunately, he uses too much, making himself invisible. Using his newfound invisibility, Salem causes some mischief until Hilda literally mummifies him.

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  • Valerie, Libby, and Mr. Kraft do not appear in this episode.
  • Cousin Zsa Zsa's clue to the family secret is a pop-up snake (a reference to the second part of the secret).
  • In the first season episode "The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie," Sabrina accidentally turned a baby into a grown man. The big baby was played by Frank Conniff, who appeared in this episode as a shopkeeper and was also the writer/co-producer for this episode.