Westbridge High School is the local school in Westbridge, Massachusetts that Sabrina Spellman attends and from where she graduates. It seems to have a Tenth through Twelfth Grade Curriculum, starting at age sixteen and graduating at eighteen. It seems to be in walking distance of the Spellman House as Sabrina often heads home between classes; yet, in other episodes, Sabrina sometimes rides a bus or have her aunts drop off objects. Their football team is known as the "Fighting Scallions." (Season 1 - 4)

Notable Staff Members

Eugene Pool (Season 1)
Willard Kraft (Season 2-4)
Mrs. Quick - algebra teacher and mentor for school newspaper (Season 2-4)
Principal Larue - principal(formerly) (Season 1-3)
Mr. Rothwell - Sophomore algebra teacher (Season 1)
Barbara - teacher (Season 4)
Mr. Franco - Creative Writing teacher (Season 3)
Mrs. Hecht - Sophomore history teacher (Season 1)
Mrs. Bogzigian - Home Ec teacher (Season 1)
Nancy - Nurse (formerly) (Season 1)
Stone - Janitor (formerly) (Season 1)

Notable Students

Sabrina Spellman (Season 1-4)
Jenny Kelley (Season 1)
Harvey Kinkle (Season 1-4)
Libby Chessler (Season 1-3)
Valerie Birkhead (Season 2-3)
Dreama (Season 4)
Brad Alcerro (Season 4)
Gordie (Season 1-3)
Emma (Season 1-3)
Jill (Season 1-3)
Cee Cee (Season 1-3)
Dolrimple (Season 2)
Ramage (Season 2)
Baines (Season 2)


  • The school used in the exterior shots of Westbridge High School is actually Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, New Jersey.
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