Vesta Spellman is Sabrina's fun-loving but scheming aunt and Hilda and Zelda's sister. She lives at The Pleasure Dome in The Other Realm. Vesta is the second oldest of her siblings, her brother Ted being the eldest, and having three younger sisters.


Vesta Spellman first appeared disguised as a substitute teacher after she gave Mr. Pool a twenty-four-hour bug (which turns out to be a real giant bug that terrorizes him). After class, she introduced herself to Sabrina, and took her on a shopping spree. In Paris, Vesta told Sabrina that while Hilda and Zelda enjoyed living on Earth, she herself could not stand mortals for too long. Vesta used magic to trick Hilda and Zelda into going away for a weekend so that Sabrina would have to stay with her, wanting her to live with her in the Pleasure Dome permanently. While Sabrina had fun for a little while, she realized that too much fun isn't necessarily good and decided to go back to her aunts' house. Vesta felt lonely at first but quenched the loneliness by going into her room of gratuitous praise.

She is later mentioned in the second season finale, "Mom vs. Magic," as taking her mother shopping on Mother's Day bringing Hilda and Zelda to the conclusion that Vesta was their mother's favorite daughter.

Lydia mentions Vesta again in the fourth season episode "Little Orphan Hilda" to explain how Hilda and Zelda were adopted. When they were little, Vesta turned her mother and father into pigs because she was insanely jealous of the attention they gave to Hilda and Zelda. Because the Witches Council decreed that people with pig's feet couldn't properly raise children, Hilda and Zelda were adopted by a nice family on a farm. After Lydia head butted Vesta, she turned them back into people.