Sabrina riding her vacuum.

Modern day witches use vacuums to fly, as opposed to old time witches who used brooms. Sabrina is given a vacuum by her aunts in Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years and uses it on occasion to travel through the air. The most dangerous weather to ride a vacuum in is light rain and there are vacuum riding witch traffic cops in the sky to make sure witches are using their vacuums within the law.

Sabrina used her vacuum when she was filling in the Santa Clause and the reindeer got sick on Christmas Eve. Sabrina rode her vacuum with Salem and zapped the presents to everyone's houses in Sabrina Claus.

The final time we see Sabrina on her vacuum is in Sabrina's Pen Pal, when she chases jewel thief Martha (also riding a vacuum) who has stolen her magic. Sabrina throws a coin into Martha's vacuum, causing it to fail and drop.


  • It is mentioned that Hilda and Zelda also have vacuums, however they are never seen flying.
  • Sabrina's vacuum isn't seen in later seasons. Reasons for this could be that she became more comfortable using Molecular Transference for long distance travel, or the budget may not have allowed for frequent use of green screen effects.
  • The first witch to fly on an object other than a broom was Irma Spellman who rode a large brazil nut. This implies that witches are capable of charming various (if not any) objects for air travel.