aka Nathan Jenkins

  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Student / Psycho-therapist, in training
  • I am Male
Hilda wedding

Hilda, my favorite character

My name's Nathan, I founded this Wiki along with FANaticyeah. I was a huge Sabrina fan throughout my childhood and have rekindled that love thanks to the DVDs finally being released. My favourite character is Hilda Spellman. I am also an admin on Charmed Wiki and have a few fanfictions on the go (though currently on hiatus due to workload).

I have all 7 Sabrina DVD box sets, so if anyone would like me to get them a high quality screen cap for the wiki, please ask and I will do my best. You can post a request, along with any questions or comments on my talk page.

My favorite pages

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