Trial by Fury is the twelfth episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Sabrina asks a question to her math teacher and admits that she didn't understand one of the things he was teaching about, he decides to spring a test on the entire class and tells them to blame Sabrina for it. She goes home and brews up a spell to make his butt grow to ridiculous proportions, at which point Zelda comes in and tries to dissuade her. Hilda offers to go and talk to the teacher and when he humiliates her too, she comes back and joins Sabrina in cooking up a revenge potion. Zelda then comes onto the scene and decides to try her hand at sorting things out and comes back annoyed too. Pretty soon all three of them are gathered around a really large cauldron in full witch's garb working on a really strong revenge potion. The following day, Sabrina goes into class and is amused to find that the teacher isn't in and a little disappointed when he does turn up having been delayed by being given a speeding ticket. When Zelda decides to bring a witch judge to the court, it begins to look as if the tables will be turned on the cruel and bitter math teacher.



Guest starring

  • Kathy Ireland as Shelley
  • Ed Begley Jr. as Mr. James T. Rothwell
  • Henry Gibson as Judge Samuels
  • Bumper Robinson as Clifford Weaver
  • Curtis Andersen as Gordie


Hilda: What’s going on? I heard an explosion! Oh, you're just making soup.

Sabrina: No, I’m stirring up a little revenge for Mr. Rothwell.

Hilda: What happened?

Sabrina: It was so humiliating. He made me take the test in front of the whole class.

Hilda: Like some sort of zoo monkey?

Sabrina: Yeah. (With sign language) Co-Co hate teacher man! (Back to acting normal) Anyway I know I flunked. So I’m giving him an expanding butt until I can find the perfect revenge spell.

  • Mr. Rothwell: There were fifteen questions. The first five were worth forty points, the next five worth forty-five and the last five were worth fifteen. Sabrina got two of the biggies, three of the middies and one of the babies for a grand total of forty-five points. What percent of a hundred?
  • Hilda: Oh! I-er... Fifteen questions. One hundred points. Thirty-two. I have no idea!
  • Mr. Rothwell: Forty-five percent! Jeez, no wonder she failed.
  • Hilda: Oh! But I didn't have a chance to study for this meeting.

  • Zelda: I see. Did you happen to mention that you're a cat now?
  • Salem: Is it that noticeable?
  • Salem: But I'm better now, I like to snuggle, I have great night vision, and I'm super super clean

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Hilda gives Sabrina a sombrero.
  • Sabrina creates lightning and thunder.
  • Sabrina freezes and restarts time.
  • Sabrina makes Rothwell's butt bigger.
  • A judge appears by magic in a freezer.
  • Zelda summons her papers in the courtroom
  • Sabrina creates a giant ball of yarn.


Just Desserts Spell

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman, Zelda Spellman and Hilda Spellman)

Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and howlet's wing.
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Fair is foul and foul is fair,
Hover through fog and fill the air

Exam Questions

Towards the beginning, Rothwell gives out an exam. These are the questions that are on his exam along with solutions.

  1. Express as a formula the rate of a discount where (r) = rate, (d) = discount amount, and (l) = list price. Solution: r = (d/l)

  2. What is the value of 5b2 - 4bc - c2 where b = 11, and c = -2? Solution: 690.

  3. If P = AHD, what is the value of (H) where (P) = 38,400, (A) = 30, and (D) = 64? Solution: H = 20

  4. What is the perimeter of a triangle whose sides are: (3n + 2), (4n - 5), and (2n - 7)? Solution: 9n - 10

  5. How much larger is (m2+2mn+n2) than (m2-2mn+n2)? Solution: 4mn

  6. What is the area of a rectangular room with length 8n ft. and a width of (7n + 3)ft.? Solution: (56n2 + 24n)sq. ft.

  7. What factor multiplied by (5r - 9s) equals (15r2 - 67rs + 72 s2)? Solution: (3r - 8s)

  8. Simplify A = π*r(r +1). Solution: A = π*r2+π*r

  9. Simplify 9x2 - x + (-4x +5) - 3x(8x-6). Solution: -15x2 + 13x +5

  10. Solve and check: 9x - 7 = 28 + 2x. Solution: x = 5, 38 = 38.

  11. Solve and check: 6a - 2 = 8(a-2). Solution: a = 7, 40 = 40.

  12. If a rug costs $273, how much must the list price be to have a $30 profit? Solution: $303 + average fixed costs.

  13. If there is a total of 41 students and there are 5 more girls than boys (assuming no other genders), how many girls are there? Solution: 23 girls.

  14. Multiply: (1/2 xy - 9)(1/2 xy +9). Solution: 1/4 x2*y2 - 81.

Multiply: (6a - 5d)(6a - 5d). Solution: 36a2 - 60ad + 25d2


  • In this episode, Sabrina is able to freeze time to help Gordie with a math problem but in Sabrina Gets Her License (Part 1), which is 12 episodes after this one, she is unable to when her Quizmaster asks her to.
  • This episode introduces Judge Samuels who will be a recurring character.
  • Bumper Robinson, seen here as angry young author Clifford Weaver, would return to the show in the 7th season in the recurring role of James.
  • Jenny, Libby, and Mr. Pool are absent from this episode. Mr. Rothwell acts as a mix of Libby(antagonist) and Mr. Pool(token teacher). Emma appears in place of Jenny.
  • The "Just Desserts" spell is based on a spell cast by the three witches in William Shakespeare's Macbeth.
  • The title "Trial by Fury" is a play on the judicial process of a "trial by jury".
  • 'Just Desserts' is used again in And The Sabrina Goes To..., however it is completely different both in appearance and effect to the version we see in this episode. Perhaps, in matters of magic, more than one spell will share the same name.
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