To Tell a Mortal is the 10th episode of Season 2 on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


It's Friday the 13th and Sabrina learns that this is the day when witches can tell mortals the truth about themselves and the mortals' memories will be erased of it once the day ends. Despite warnings from her aunts about bad consequences, Sabrina decides she can trust Valerie and Harvey to take the news in stride, and she's proven right when they both accept it and the three friends spend the day casting spells and having fun in the Other Realm. However, Libby overhears the news and alerts both the PTA and the media. Happily, Valerie and Harvey have Sabrina's back, and lie to Libby's mob when they show up to Sabrina's door, telling them that they have no clue what she's talking about.

Meanwhile, Zelda creates a cure for "bat breath," which causes a nest of bats to form in witch's mouths, using Hilda as her test subject by feeding her pomegranates.



Guest starring

  • Drew Carey as Himself
  • Mark Langston as Himself
  • Timothy Oman as Sigmund Freud
  • Caroline Williams as Gwendolyn


Sabrina: Why didn't you guys tell me that there's a rule that on Friday the 13th I can tell a mortal I'm a witch?

Hilda: Oh the one where you can tell anyone you want and they can know for a whole twenty-four hours?

Sabrina: Yes.

Zelda: We didn't want you to know

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • A bat flies out of Hilda's mouth.
  • Quizmaster appears.
  • Hilda makes a pocket watch appear on Sigmund Freud's desk.
  • Zelda makes a man's britches rip.
  • Quizmaster teleports himself and Sabrina to Alaska. Later, they reappear back in the cafeteria in winter clothing covered in snow.
  • Hilda coughs out a bass.
  • Sabrina conjures a sweater for Valerie.
  • Sabrina makes papers fly out of Libby's locker.
  • Sabrina makes the Principal dance.
  • Sabrina changes 'weekend homework chapters' to 'no homework have a nice weekend'.
  • Sabrina makes Libby suck her thumb.
  • Sabrina makes Valerie speak Spanish.
  • Sabrina gives Harvey baseball cleats.
  • Harvey and Valerie eat a never-ending corn dog.
  • Harvey uses a magic mirror, a flying carpet, a pair of virtual reality sunglasses,
  • Harvey meets Mark Langston.
  • Valerie dances with Drew Carrey.
  • Harvey and Valerie fall into a swirling vortex.
  • Sabrina stops the vortex.
  • The Spellman's sound a bullhorn.


  • This is the second of three times that Harvey discovers Sabrina's secret, the first time being in the Season 1 episode "Troll Bride."
  • We learn that on Friday the 13th, black witch cats scare anyone when they're seen.
  • Nick Bakay, who voices Salem, sings the song "The Way You Look Tonight" when Valerie and Drew Carrey are dancing.
  • For some reason, Sabrina never decides to tell Harvey and Valerie that she's a witch after they forget everything, despite the fact that they proved that they would easily accept it. It can be assumed that the writers and producers feared that the two knowing Sabrina's secret would greatly alter the series dynamic.
  • Mr. Kraft does not appear in this episode.
  • We learn that Zelda's best friend was Gwendolyn.
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