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Third Aunt from the Sun is the 7th episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Mr. Pool is suddenly taken ill, a substitute teacher steps in, who seems to have very little idea of what to teach or how. It seems odd until Sabrina is told to stay behind and discovers that the teacher is really another one of her aunts, Vesta. After a shopping trip to Paris, they return home to a chorus of disapproval from Hilda and Zelda. However, it transpires that both Hilda and Zelda have arrangements for the weekend, and are forced to let Sabrina spend the weekend with Vesta. Vesta takes Sabrina to "the Pleasure Dome" where she lives in the Other Realm, and introduces her to the many and various pleasures it has to offer. Hilda and Zelda realize that Vesta set their respective engagements up and try to persuade Sabrina to return home, but she's rather taken with the life of luxury and decides to stay. Hilda and Zelda return home and wonder how to get Sabrina to come back. Sabrina, however, makes the decision to return to the Mortal Realm after realizing that too much fun is a bad thing.



Guest starring

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Vesta changes her outfit.
  • Vesta teleports herself and Sabrina to Paris.
  • Hilda changes armchair.
  • Zelda changes armchair back.
  • Hilda changes armchair again.
  • Vesta changes her's and Sabrina's outfits.
  • Vesta conjures neon sign that says No Mortals.
  • Vesta makes neon sign start blinking again.
  • Vesta conjures puppy.
  • Vesta vanishes puppy.
  • Sabrina changes her outfit back to normal.


  • Hilda: (to Sabrina) How can you choose the Pleasure Dome over High School? Wait, that didn't come out right!
  • Vesta: I know what'll cheer you up! (conjures a puppy) Look a puppy! Isn't he cute?
  • Sabrina: You can't distract me with a puppy Aunt Vesta, I feel awful!
  • Vesta: Ok, (signals her servants), Remove the puppy.


  • The fourth outfit for this episode's credits is an Army camouflage outfit. Sabrina says, "It's camouflage. I'm over here!"
  • Sabrina wears two of her opening credits outfits in the actual episode. The Breakfast at Tiffany's look when she comes back from Paris and the Clueless look (which was the last credits look from episode 1x02) when she arrives at the pleasure dome.
  • Mr. Poole says "in my day we had good music" and Harvey replies "didn't you grow up in the '70s?" In real life Paul Feig was writing Freaks and Geeks during his time on Sabrina. Freaks and Geeks was based on his experience growing up in the '70s and featured great '70s music.
  • Libby doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Vesta is the first of Sabrina's aunts that she meets for the first time, the other being Sophia.
  • This episode introduces the "Whammy Fanny" song which will become a running gag for the season.
  • The band that sings the popular "Funky Song (Shake your Whammy Fanny)" is the fictional group, Brothers Junk
  • Dianne Kennedy was nominated for the 1997 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Costume Design for a Series" for this episode.
  • The episode title is based on the 90s sci-fi sitcom, "3rd Rock From the Sun."
  • In UK, some terrestrial airings of this episode edit out 'the funky song' lyrics from 'shake your whammy fanny, funky song, funky song' to 'shake your funky song' probably because in the UK the word fanny is slang for the vagina.