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Harvey and the skates

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Giving Sabrina the present

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Mercury and his skates

Thin Ice
is the sixth episode of the sixth season and the 125th overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


After Harvey gets injured during a hockey game, he turns to Sabrina for assistance to stay on the college team. When she, Josh, Roxie, and Miles go with Morgan to his next game, Sabrina sees how much help he needs after hearing the jeers of the crowd so she turns to the Roman god Mercury for magical skates that give Harvey the ability to win the game for Boston College. She soon gets into trouble with Mercury and Zeus when Harvey's coach takes it upon himself to bronze the magical skates, and has to do the gods' errands for a month. It is only after she turns to Hilda for help that Sabrina learns Mercury lied to her in order to get a gullible person to do his work for him.

Meanwhile, Josh becomes jealous of Sabrina's friendship with Harvey and Salem clones himself using one of Zelda's machines.
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Harvey falling.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • We learn that Harvey is on the Boston College Hockey Team; Sabrina's old boyfriend Derek Axelrod was also on that team so it's possible that the two knew each other.
  • Along with Cupid Zeus is the only known figures from Greek Mythology to appear in the series.
  • Mercury is a Roman god.
  • One of the two Salem's say Joey Lawrence (co-star in Melissa's present family sitcom Melissa and Joey).