The witch camp

The Witch Camp

The Witch Camp is where kind like Military school that run by very strict and "sadistic" witches. Witches got penalty have to go here. Sabrina and Hilda were in this Witch Camp.

First time in the Witch Camp, they must go to the local to get uniform, boot,SP bag...

Witches in line

Witches in line


Fink, who abide to the Witch Camp's rules

Just a few minute go to the Witch Camp, Sabrina has meet a bossy girl, who very abides the Witch Camp's rules, Fink. And then she gets a bad hair cut for military.

Last but not least, Slater, who is running the Witch Camp, zaps the deactivaters, when it's on your ankle, you can't use magic.


  • Sabrina and Hilda are the only people in the series who were in the Witch Camp.
  • Sgt, Slater has no sympathy with Hilda, he calls her Hilda "The- Thorn-In-My-Eyes" Spellman
  • The Witch Camp makes it only appearance in Season Two (Sabrina Gets Her License Parts 1 & 2)
Sgt. Slater

Sgt. Slater, A strict witch runs the Witch Camp

Witch camp local

The Witch Camp Local