The Wicked Witch lives in a house at the top of a beanstalk. She is beautiful, but evil and eats mortals. Harvey Kinkle found himself lured into the witch's house after eating a magical jumping bean. The Witch invited him into her home and attempts to fatten him up, to eat later. Sabrina attempts to save Harvey from her, but The Witch is able to smell the mortal side of Sabrina and traps her too. Sabrina and Harvey manage to escape from her, and she is forced to eat vegetables instead, much to her mortification. This sudden change in appetite was caused by Sabrina's spell, which she used on her once she gained back her magic. Hilda is surprised, when we first see her see The Wicked Witch, commenting that she's had a lot of work done. 


  • Shelley Long is the second of three "Cheers" stars to appear in Sabrina. The first was John Ratzenberger who portrayed Bob/Santa Clause in Sabrina Clause. The third was George Wendt who had a recurring role as Mike Shelby throughout Season Six.
  • Melissa Joan Hart once stated, in an interview, that The Wicked Witch is another of Sabrina's aunts, though this was not confirmed in the episode, most likely an error, by Hart.
  • She is an obvious reference to The Wicked Witch from the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. She is also a semi-reference to The Giant from the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. Both characters are said to eat mortals, within their given stories.
  • Hilda says that she once looked hideous, though apparently had plastic surgery done to look more pleasant, on the outside.

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