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The Spellman Residence is a large Victorian Mansion located at 133 Collins Road in Westbridge, Massachusetts (zip code 01970). Owned by Hilda and Zelda Spellman until they returned to The Other Realm, the sisters purchased the house in the late 19th Century under a mortgage sometime prior to 1899, and transferred the house to Sabrina in 2002.

Hilda and Zelda used to have staff in the house, but they decided to let them go after they decided that Sabrina would be staying with them. After Hilda and Zelda return back to the Other Realm, Sabrina moves back into the house with Roxie and Morgan. The fate of the house after Sabrina departed with Harvey is unrevealed.


Living Room

Dining Room


Zelda's Bedroom

Zeldas Bedroom Sabrinas New Roommate

Zelda's room, with ornate bed.

Zelda's bedroom had a classical, Victorian design that she considered more mature than Hilda's room. Zelda also kept numerous office supplies in her room. ("Sabrina's New Roommate") It was only seen once in "Sabrina's New Roommate."

Hilda's Bedroom

Hildas bedroom Fall to Pieces

Sabrina and Zelda console Hilda before her wedding

When Hilda wanted to put Merlin's rug in her room, Zelda noted that "your room is decorated with stuff a clown takes out of his pockets at night." ("Oh What A Tangled Spell She Weaves")

Zelda didn't think Hilda had taste, noting she decorated her bedroom "South Western, mixed with Faux Chinese" - which she called casa de-feng shui. ("Every Witch Way but Loose")

It was only seen once in Hilda's last appearance as a main character in "I Fall to Pieces."

Sabrina's Bedroom

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Sabrina's Room

Sabrina's bedroom is features many times. It is where the Spellman The Discovery of Magic/ The Magic Book is kept. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.57.25 AM

Emil fixing the plumbing



One bathroom appers downstairs of the house. It was flooded by Amanda Wiccan and Ally Wiccan in Sabrina, the Matchmaker. There is also a bathroom upstairs.

Laundry Room

The Laundry room contained a washer and drier where the Spellmans did their laundry, as well as Salem's litterbox. ("Jenny's Non-Dream") Salem occasionally napped in the laundry room hamper. ("Inna Gadda Sabrina")

Salem noted that it's easier to eavesdrop on conversations in the kitchen through the heater vent in the Laundry Room. ("Sabrina, the Sandman")

The Basement

Spellman Manor Basement

Looking for the The Family Secret Board (1999)

The house had a basement that the aunts used to store things, including a suit of armor and an Egyptian sarcophagi. There was a smaller storage room that Aunt Hilda jailed three pirates in which she was supposed to release in 1899 but forgot (blaming "the McKinley administration") until 1999. ("Sabrina and the Pirates")

Salem and a prospector go digging for a vein of "magic" down here. ("The Wild, Wild Witch")


Attic Spoiled Rotten

Sabrina rummages through the Attic.

Sabrina kept her childhood jewelry box in the attic, containing her grandmother's charm bracelet. Salem was in the attic when he convinced her to come up, and help him get a pet. Zelda soon remembered that they needed to clean out the attic, and Sabrina then donated many of their magical stuff from the attic including a medal and lion statue. ("Spoiled Rotten") Hilda also kept Daniel Boone hidden in the attic. ("Love in Bloom")

Temporary Additions

The Spellmans often magically added or altered portions of the house, such as adding a billiards room or an apartment above the garage. ("Witch Trash", "Mrs. Kraft") One time, Cousin Boyd turned the second floor bathroom into an outhouse. ("Witch Trash")



  • Collins Road may be an homage to Angelique Collins, the witch on the 1965-1972 TV-series, "Dark Shadows."
  • The real-world location of the house is 64 East Main Street in Freehold, New Jersey.
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