The Pirates are a trio of swashbucklers who were found to be trapped in the Spellman basement in the Season Three episode "Sabrina and the Pirates." Due to the fact that they were never released, Hilda and Zelda Spellman were given the duty to rehabilitate them so that they could re-enter society. However, they failed and the pirates stole their magic when it was returned after a magic audit. They were defeated. One of the pirates is a Spellman relative and left Sabrina a picture of fire as a clue to the Family Secret. The only things known about one of the pirate's relation to the Spellman family is that "It involves a third cousin and crazy night in Kingston Jamaica" as stated by Salem.

The following year in the episode "Prelude to a Kiss," the Pirates are hired as Hilda and Zelda's maids and after being trained in etiquette, they are apalled by the Spellmans' manners and quit.