The portal to the Other Realm

The Other Realm is an other-dimensional world set aside as a home for witches, mystical beings and other members of the magical community. It has never been properly defined; it seems to have qualities of an alternate earth (having divisions like Earth similar to Canada and the Caribbean islands) possessing seasonal and astronomical cycles and periods but having characteristics outside the regular Laws of Nature. Said to be millions of light years away from the Mortal Realm (that is Earth and its Solar System), it is accessed through a portal resembling a small black hole or by mystical teleportation aka Molecular Transference. Zelda Spellman and Hilda Spellman located their portal in the Linen Closet of their Westbridge residence. The portal doesn't seem to be prejudiced to travelers, often transporting mortals to the Other Realm who stumble through it.


In the Other Realm, there are several places and locations to play, to find jobs or the Witches Community service, Examples like these below:



(Appears in Jenny's Non-Dream) Limbo appears to be a neutral local where all the adjacent parts of the Other Realm can be accessed. When Jenny Kelley stumbles through the portal, she confuses it with the fictional realm of Narnia and discovers everyone has to limbo to get where they are going.

The Witches Council as they are seen in the beginning of the show

The Witches Council

(First appears in Pilot) The Witches Council is the governing force of the Other Realm which presides over witches and seems to be in charge of all other members of magical society as well. Trials, law-forming and decrees are established here.

The cashier greeting Hilda and Zelda at Full Moon Beauty Supply

The Other Realm Spa

(Appear in A Doll's Story) The Other Realm Spa is an Other Realm Spa that visit for a vacation for some treatments that customers confirm or cancel.

The Other Realm Outlet Mall

(Appears in Sabrina's Real World) The Other Realm Outlet Mall is a mass outlet mall where witches shop and purchase various items. Zelda gets a Borscht Belt from here that forces her to tell 1000 jokes when she wears it.

The Other Realm Employment Agency

(Appears in Sabrina, the Sandman) The Other Realm Employment Agency is an agency that grants jobs to witches that need jobs. Sabrina comes here and gets a job as a Sandman.

Full Moon Beauty Supply

(Appear in Cat Showdown)  The Full Moon Beauty Supply is another shop in the Other Realm. It is only open once a month on the full moon and is persistent to sell items.

The Witch Camp

The Witch Camp

(Appear in Sabrina Gets Her License (Part 2)Witch Camp is like a Military school that is run by very strict and "sadistic" witches. Witches who fail their Permit test on the first attempt have to be sent there as punishment. 

The Republic of Infinite Horror

(Mentioned in Sabrina's Pen Pal) The Republic of Infinite Horror is a part set aside for witches who have lost their powers. It is located on the Lake of Male Superior.

The North Star

The North Star

(Appear in Soul Mates) The North Star is a place where the Soul Stones of witches and mortals are kept.

The Rules of the Realm

The Rules of the Realm are strict rules that all witches that live in the Other Realm must follow. The rules are always announced by the official Rule Bearer. The Witches Council is also the important mainly organization in the Other Realm with laws that govern the magical population in both the mortal and the other realm.


Astronomy is mentioned from time to time in the series. The most prominent showing is in "Mars Attracts" where Hilda, Zelda and Sabrina go for a vacation. This indicates that witches use other planets for remote locations. Venus was also mentioned to have a currency way lower than Earth, when it was mentioned in "Humble Pie" a New Mexican deli opened up at Orion's Belt. Many witches are also born in bizarre places in the galaxy, such as Aunt Irma who was born in The Big Dipper (which was mentioned as an armpit) and Amanda is from the fourth galaxy of the Other Realm.


  • In the original movie, it was called "The Supernatural Realm".
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