The Fates

(From left to right) Fate Mackenzie, Fate Paris and Fate Ashley

The Fates are three goddesses responsible for deciding the destinys of everyone on Earth. They appear as extremely superficial private school girls, complete with uniform and red overknees. The Fates have the power to set out and change the fabric of a person's life as they choose. They have very short tempers. Their names are Fate Mackenzie, Fate Paris and Fate Ashley. Fate Mackenzie and Paris are generally the most vindictive, while Fate Ashley mainly just follows the pack and is considered weaker; often getting picked on by the other two.

Sabrina finds herself up against The Fates when she saves Morgan Cavanaugh from a fall that was destined to kill her.

The Fates' magic manifests in the form of red electricity, which they activate by flipping their hair over their left shoulder.

They only appear in the episode Romance Looming.

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