Roland is back to his old tricks.

The Equalizer is the seventeenth episode of the second season and the fourty first overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Roland the Troll returns, still determined to win Sabrina's heart. However, now he is the Equalizer, in charge of balancing things out in the universe. He begins to stalk an annoyed Sabrina, taking something from her when she takes something away from anyone else. Roland puts a spell on Harvey making him not go to the Valentine's Day dance, which annoys Sabrina. After Sabrina accidentally "steals the heart" of a guy named Ken who Valerie's interested in, Roland uses his authority to steal Sabrina's heart, making her fall madly in love with him. The now lovestruck Sabrina leaves to get married to Roland in the Other Realm, upon which her heart will be sealed and she'll be transformed into his true love permanently. She begins to make him "ecstatically happy" and she also says "I love it here, I love this moldy home, I love Roland". When Roland was told to return her heart Sabrina said "No I don't want it back, I want my Rolly to keep it forever and ever."

Desperate for Valentine's Day dates, Zelda and Hilda summon Cupid, only to discover that he is depressed and has lost his belief in love, until Hilda makes him laugh and is aghast to discover that he is now Mr. Kraft's rival for her reluctant affections.



Guest starring

  • Beth Grant as Mrs. Popowski
  • Phil Fondacaro as Roland
  • Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Cupid

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina discounts Valerie's dress.
  • A hole appears in the sweater Salem is scratching.
  • Hilda hangs a big NERD GiRL sign around Sabrina's neck.
  • Sabrina makes the machine have more credit.
  • Roland appears.
  • Ronald makes Harvey tells Sabrina that can not go to the dance with her.
  • Roland brings up a poisoned magic needle.
  • Roland steals Sabrina's heart and later returns it.
  • Zelda hits Roland with Cupid's arrow.
  • Sabrina makes Valerie invite Ken to dance.
  • Cupid hits Zelda and Mr. Kraft with love peas.
  • Ronald makes Harvey appear at the dance.
  • Sabrina makes Thumbelina appear at the dance.


To Summon Cupid

(Cast by Hilda Spellman)

Love is special,
Love is alive,
Send me Cupid for 5.95!


  • Libby and The Quizmaster do not appear in this episode.
  • This is Roland's second appearance in the show, the first being in Troll Bride. This is Cupid's second appearance, appearing first in Dummy for Love.
  • The audience learns (as far as the show is concerned) that Cupid does not need to necessarily shoot arrows...he can actually hurl "love peas" at people to make them fall in love.
  • This is the second Valentine's Day episode.
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