The Crucible is the 23rd episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina goes on a class trip to Salem, MA, the setting of the Salem Witch Trials. Each student is given a card saying "townsperson" and have to act like the puritans of 14th and 15th century, and it is revealed that one of the student's card says "witch." The trials begin when a jealous Libby accuses Jenny of witchcraft when Jenny befriends Libby's love interest, Adam. Sabrina defends Jenny's honor but is then accused of witchcraft herself. She calls her aunts for help but they insist that Sabrina stay on the trip. When Sabrina is on her trial, she pleads guilty of being a witch. However, not one of her classmates, except Libby, believe that she is really a witch. Finally, the students are informed that all of their cards said "townspeople" as the trials come to an end, and that the students themselves created the witches. But as the episode concludes and Sabrina finds her long lost card, she and the audience see that it indeed says "witch."



Guest starring

  • Bridget Flanery as Jill
  • Melissa Murray as Cee Cee
  • John Patrick White as Adam
  • Berlinda Tolbert as Mrs. Hecht

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Shoots a fire ball around the court room.
  • Gives Libby the chills and a wet willy
  • Makes a monkey appear on Libby's shoulder but only she can see it
  • Makes a pie levitate to her aunts and herself
  • Hilda makes Sabrina sit on a bed of nails wearing a turban.


  • Jenny (while in court): I can't say. I've been sworn to secrecy.
  • Mr. Pool: There are no secrets from the court.
  • Sabrina: Then ask Jill if that's her real nose!
  • Sabrina: They think you're a witch.
  • Jenny: Really? Cool.
  • Libby: She did this to me! Jenny's specter flew in through the window and braided my hair.
  • Sabrina: Why?
  • Libby: To make me look dorky!


  • In this episode find out that Sabrina lives at 133 Collins Rd.
  • When Sabrina is asked what she'd do if she was a real witch, she says "Oh I'd probably change my clothes a lot, make Libby a goat, or make a massive flan." She did all of these things in "Sabrina Through the Looking Glass."
  • Sabrina's passport in the Season Five episode "You Can't Twin" states that she was born in Salem.
  • The title of the episode and its theme are based on the Arthur Miller book and play "The Crucible."
  • Stuart Bass was nominated for the 1998 Eddie Award for "Best Edited Half-Hour Series for Television" for this episode.
  • Ironically, the episode about the city of Salem features only one line for the character of Salem.
  • Libby during the episode resembled Abigail Williams, who was the first accuser in the Salem Witch Trials, much like how Libby was the first person to accuse Jenny of being a witch.
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