Cauldron -1

Mini Cauldron number one

 Cauldrons are black pots with various sizes in which powerful potions can be brewed in it. Every witches and Witch family have their cauldrons. Each cauldron have different design and number for their size.

Cauldron Types

Cauldron number one: The mini three legged cauldron looks like a black pot with handle. Sabrina is the owner of this cauldron. It's a gilf at her 16th birthday. But she doesn't use it to brew potion, she put it on her desk and put pens in it. 
Cauldron - 2

Hilda and Zelda brewing potion in the number 2 cauldron.

Cauldron number two: It appears in Trial by Fury. When Sabrina and Hilda make a revenge potion together, but this isn't enough. Unlike other cauldrons with curved round shape up, this cauldron looks more like a cooking pot.

Cauldron number three: It looks like any other cauldron with curved round
You bet your family

Three Witches brewing speeping potion in the number 3 cauldron

shape up pot. This is the common cauldron uses in the series, example in And The Sabrina Goes To... and You Bet Your Family, both uses to make the slepping potion, in Sabrina in Wonderland, Sabrina uses it to make a potion to figure out hot to make Aaron ticks.

Cauldron number six: It doesn't appear in the series but Sabrina mentions it in In Sabrina We Trust.

Cauldron number ten: It's the most powerful cauldron of all. Only use it to brew a huge and powerful potion such as revenge. And that potion can only be activate with a group spell-casting witches
Cauldron -10

The Cauldron number ten