The Big Sleep is the nineteenth episode of the third season and the sixty ninth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


While trying to discover more clues to the family secret, Sabrina accidentally wakes up her Aunt Dorma, the "black sheep" of the family, during her ten-year long nap. Unfortunately, this enrages her, and for revenge, she fills the Spellman house with poppies, which cause Hilda and Zelda fall asleep instantaneously. Since Sabrina is half-mortal, she remains awake but gets drowsy as she tries to handle the incident, gradually getting sleepy until she is as out cold as her aunts. To complicate things, Valerie, Harvey, and Libby come to Sabrina's house to study for a brain buster competition at school. It is up to Sabrina to juggle between studying and helping her aunts who begin acting out their dreams.

Meanwhile, Salem goes to war with their neighbor Mr. Tobias, after he continually runs over their trash cans and mailbox.



Guest starring

  • Hap Lawrence as Shepherd
  • Rosalind Ayres as Aunt Dorma


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


To Call Aunt Dorma on the Crystal Ball

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

Aunt Dorma pick up this call,
Or reverse the charges on this crystal ball.

To Make Hilda and Zelda act out their dreams

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

To keep my aunts from spending eternity in bed,
Make them act out what's currently going through their heads.

To Make it Snow in the Spellman House

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

To wake my aunts from terrible rot,
Send snow to my house, make sure it's a lot.


  • The plot of this episode is a reference to The Wizard of Oz, in which the Wicked Witch of the West uses poppies to make the protagonists sleep.
  • This is the second and last time that Valerie's cheerleading status is mentioned after she made second-string in an earlier episode of the season, "The Pom Pom Incident."
  • Aunt Dorma's clue to the family secret is a cage full of birds, also known as an aviary.
  • The Big Sleep is also the title of a novel by Raymond Chandler.
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