The Arrangement is the fourteenth episode of Season Six and is the hundred thirty third overall episode of
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Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Aunt Irma decides to arrange for Sabrina to be married to a witch. Sabrina must try to stop her aunt's plan, which becomes more complicated when Sabrina's future husband becomes engaged to Roxie.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • Roxie : Hi.
  • Peter: Hi.
  • Sabrina : Not a real verbal relationship.
  • Irma: I can't thing of a more perfect match for Peter than our Sabrina.
  • Zelda: Sabrina? You mean Roxie.
  • Irma: Roxie? Is that Sabrina's nickname?
  • Hilda: Yes! Yes, we gave her that name a child, she used to play with rocks.
  • Irma: I always forget how dim you are.


  • Greg Vaughn guest stars as Peter, a male witch who is in love with a mortal who does not know his true identity. Ironically, he starred in the second season of Charmed as Dan, a mortal who was unknowingly in love with a witch.
  • Harvey and Morgan do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the second appearance of Aunt Irma.
  • We learn that Salem is ordained with the 9 Lives Universal Church and has the authority to officiate over marriages.
  • We learn that the Hooter's franchise in the Other Realm has literal giant owls dancing for witches.
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