Sweet Charity is the eighteenth episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


In a bid to do good works, Jenny starts an Adopt-a-Grandparent program, but it falls very flat when no one but her, Sabrina and Harvey and Mighty mouse sign up for it. Hoping to recruit more students to participate the program, Sabrina transforms herself into Libby the day a photographer from the school paper arrives at the senior citizen home to take some pictures. When the real Libby shows up, the stage is set for a comedy of confusion and double trouble... Libby "steals" Sabrina's grandparent, which makes Sabrina really mad. An opportunity arises for Sabrina to get Nana back when she makes the cheerleader think that the celebrities Nana knows are just figments of the old woman's imagination.

As this is going on, Zelda meets a younger guy at the library, but contemplates breaking things off with him due to their age difference, and Hilda decides to make a potion that will help grow her hair at a rapid rate.



Guest starring

  • Karen Morrow as Nana
  • Alan Young as Mr. Berry
  • Melissa Murray as Cee Cee
  • Bridget Flanery as Jill
  • James Fields as Howard

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina changes one of Libby's black socks to a yellow sock, in the cafeteria after she makes fun of her, and Jenny.
  • Hilda uses her magic to twist Zelda's arm when she won't tell her a secret, and Zelda retaliates by using her magic to pull Hilda's ear.
  • Zelda zaps the cord off of the kitchen telephone to turn it into a "cordless phone".
  • Sabrina zaps a box of chewy caramels in the kitchen, to bring to the Seniors Center.
  • Sabrina uses her magic to transform herself into Libby in a phone booth, to pose for a picture for the school paper to draw publicity to the Seniors Center, and then again when Jill and CeeCee show up at the Seniors Center later in the episode.
  • Sabrina transforms into Nana to trick Libby.


  • Jenny: Libby treated me like a human!
  • Harvey: It's a good thing we got a picture, otherwise Sabrina would think we'd pulled a Yeltsin!

  • Jenny: Libby would never show her face here.
  • Harvey: We could fake it. My dad says Russia's on their third Boris Yeltsin.
  • Jenny: You can't fake a person.
  • Sabrina: That's right, you can't! Gotta go.
  • Harvey: Libby, you did a good thing. Deal with it!
  • Libby: I've been framed!
  • Sabrina: Wow! Awesome photo of Elijah Wood!

    Nana: Oh he’s my little honey.

Sabrina: You know him?

Nana: Noah Wyle introduced us.

Sabrina: You know Noah Wyle!

Nana: Only through Christian Slater.

Sabrina: I love Christian Slater! How do you know these people?

Nana: Well when you get to be my age you know just about everybody.

Hilda: I’ll take that as a compliment. So how was your date with Rick?

Zelda: Oh, not so good. I’m starting to feel really weird about the age difference. I mean normally I don’t care about these things but Rick keeps bringing up stuff that makes me feel old.

Hilda: Like what?

Zelda: Oh he keeps talking about how he can’t wait for the turn of the century. Big deal, I’ve done that five times!

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