Spoiled Rotten is the fifth episode of the fourth season and the eightieth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Spoiled rotten

Sabrina becomes spoiled rotten

When Sabrina gets her first magical credit card (no bills!), she becomes obsessed with buying new stuff she doesn't need. She develops a case of "Getitis," which takes a turn for the worst and makes her become spoiled rotten (literally!) after she gives the aunts' stuff instead of her own to charity for the Hondurans. The twist is that their stuff was magical, like an olympic medal that gives Mrs. Quick an extreme case of competitive spirit, a replicating box that Mr. Kraft uses to replicate his gold brick, a hat that makes Harvey act like a jerk, Armadillo Earrings that change your hair color every 10 minutes, and a lion statue that becomes an actual lion and attacks Brad. Sabrina must figure out how to get back everything that she gave away in order to cure herself. She ends up figuring out that she needs to appreciate everything that she has and that she needs to use her credit card wisely. She then isn't spoiled rotten anymore.

Meanwhile, Hilda and Mrs. Quick compete to win the most money for the Hondurans. Hilda has a bake sale with all sorts of different muffins, cookies and breads at her Clock Shop. Mrs. Quick has a rummage sale with old things the students don't want or need at the Coffee Shop where Sabrina later works.

And Salem struggles with his new dog-man Sparky. Salem is complaining of wanting a pet. He wants something to give him love like he does to the Spellman family. He asks Zelda and Sabrina who both say no, then he asks Hilda and she says yes. Salem then orders a dog-man from the other realm. Sparky has trouble remembering his commands and when Salem takes him for a walk, he takes off dragging Salem behind.



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  • Dreama does not appear in this episode.
  • This is the first appearance of the "Bean There, Brewed That" coffee house which becomes a main setting for the next three seasons.
  • A scene in which Mr. Kraft sings about duplicating bricks of gold to the tune of The Okie Cokie is cut from the DVD version of this episode; presumably due to copyright.
  • This is the second time when Salem has a dog. The first case was in Mrs. Kraft (but he wanted him for getting some food from a butcher there).
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