The Spellman Family (German: occupational name for a musician or minstrel, from Middle Low German spel 'play' + man 'man'; German (Spellmann): habibtational name for someone from Spelle near Rheine or Spellen near Wesel; English: variant of Speller) is a bloodline of powerful witches.

Family Members

  • Abuela innominada de Vesta, Zelda, Hilda, Edward, Sophia Spellman y Racine
  • Irma Spellman (matriarch of the Spellman dynasty)


  • Diana Becker: Diana is Sabrina's mortal mother and the ex-wife of Edward Spellman.
  • Gail Kippling: Edward Spellman's second wife and Sabrina Spellman's stepmother.
  • Donald Kippling: Gail's son and Edward Spellman's step-son.
  • Boyd: Racine's husband.
  • Maw-Maw: Racine's mother-in-law and Boyd's mother.

Family Secrets and Traits

The Spellman family secret is that every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin. One twin is "good" and the other "evil". The evil twin is forbidden from living in the mortal realm and is sent to live in the Twin Cities.[1]

Another more "frightening" and "dark" family secret is that Spellmans have a terrible weakness for pancakes and can become abnormally addicted to them.[2]

Spellmans are also highly allergic to Other Realm poppies. Exposure to them can be lethal as they place a Spellman into a deep sleep while their mind and body slowly rots away into nothingness. The decaying process can be delayed should the afflicted keep moving and apparently snow can awaken a Spellman under the effects of poppies.[3] Half-Mortal and Half-Witch Spellmans are not as allergic to Other Realm poppies as their full-witch relatives, due to being part mortal, and will only suffer from drowsiness that may last for a few centuries.


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