Sophia Di Borgheses is a witch who lived in Rome. She is another sister of Edward Spellman and Sabrina's aunt. She is not mentioned in the TV series, only in the movie Sabrina Goes to Rome. Sophia is the youngest of her siblings, having an older brother and three older sisters.


Sophia painting

The painting of Sophia

Sophia fell in love with a mortal named Roberto Raoli, the two wished to get married and Sophia told him she was a witch. Sophia's family did not approve of her marrying a mortal and tried to match her up with Lorenzo, a scheming and manipulative witch. Lorenzo sets Roberto up so that he tells another mortal Sophia's secret. Although Sophia forgives Roberto, Lorenzo reminds her that the rules state that she must choose between turning him into a pile of stone, or losing her magic and being cast out. Sophia makes her decision and follows her heart before they get a chance to banish her; zapping herself inside her own locket and sealing herself in.

Sabrina goes to Rome on the request of her father to try to free Sophia, finding a painting of her by Roberto in a museum, in which Sophia looks very sad. Sabrina attempts many different methods of opening the locket but nothing works. Just before she is about to leave Rome, Sabrina forgives Paul(a mortal with whom Sabrina had a similar situation to Sophia). The locket opens and Sophia is freed. Sophia tells Sabrina that the locket opened because Sabrina "believed with her heart, instead of her magic". Sophia disappears and Sabrina and Paul find an inscription on the back of the locket which translated to "Trust your heart,"


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