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Skippy is a witch and was a member of the original witches council.


Skippy is mute, but has an incredibly kind and gentle nature. Skippy is only seen in the Season One. Skippy is one of the council members who listens to Sabrina request to turn back time in the Pilot episode. Skippy later meets Jenny in limbo and befriends her, before Drell turns her into a grasshopper, which makes Skippy clearly upset. Presumably, Skippy was "put out to pasture" with the rest of the original witches council when younger witches took over.


  • Teller is best known for being one half of "Penn and Teller" along with his Sabrina co-star Penn Jillette (who portrayed Drell). A famous long running magic act.
  • Skippy only appears in Season One and was always seen with, or near Drell.
  • Skippy has a tendency to collect mortals as pets, such as what he did with Jenny. This sometimes leads to the pet mortal meeting a fatal end, due to Skippy not feeding them.