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The third season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch aired from September 25, 1998 until May 21, 1999, and consists of 24 episodes. The season mainly focuses on Sabrina trying to discover her family secret so that she can finally use her Witch's License.

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She's got the magic touch! Doesn't every girl secretly wish she had magical powers? Sabrina the Teenage Witch stars Melissa Joan Hart as the adorable teen who this season finally gets her witch's license. But there's a catch! Before she can use it she must uncover a family secret, with help from her wacky Aunt Hilda, wise Aunt Zelda and her talking cat Salem. And while they may advise her to keep her magic hidden, at school Sabrina still helps cute steady Harvey and best friend Valerie, while protecting herself against rival Libby and mean Mr Kraft.Season 3 highlights include an outrageous Halloween episode, and a finale set in Hawaii, where the family secret is revealed!

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Season 3 (1998–1999) Corus YTV Canada November 30, 2005 and January 23, 2006

In the third season, Sabrina finally gets her witches license, but before she can use it, she must solve the Spellman family secret. Throughout the third season, some of Sabrina's witch relatives pay her a visit, and at the end of each visit they leave Sabrina with a clue. Sabrina finally solves the family secret at the end of this season. Sabrina's school life, meanwhile, hasn't changed since the end of the last season as Mr. Kraft and Libby continue to make her life miserable, and Mr. Kraft starts dating Aunt Zelda, making Hilda jealous.

Episodes in USA Episodes in Canada Title Directed by Written by Original air date

USA and Canada

51 51 "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Season Opener" Linda Day Holly Hester September 25, 1998

November 30, 2005

Sabrina finally earns her witch's license, but now must uncover her family secret before she can use it. Meanwhile, her romantic dilemma continues.
52 52 "Boy Was My Face Red" David Trainer Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips October 2, 1998

December 1, 2005

After Valerie burps in front of a boy she likes, not to mention most of the student body, Sabrina concocts a spell in order to help her friend Valerie out of the extremely embarrassing situation. But the spells backfires, displacing the embarrassment from Valerie and literally leaving Sabrina's own face bright red. Meanwhile, Salem learns if someone he truly loves kisses him, he will turn back into a man. He seeks out his new veterinarian as his target.
53 53 "Suspicious Minds" Linda Day Dan Berendsen October 9, 1998

December 5, 2005

In a class assignment where students pretend to be married, Sabrina is paired with Gordy while Harvey ends up with Libby. Suspicious and jealous, Sabrina hires "private investigator" Roland to spy on them, but the lovesick troll makes things even worse by trying to break up Harvey and Sabrina.
54 54 "The Pom Pom Incident" Kim Friedman Charlie Tercek October 16, 1998

December 6, 2005

Valerie decides to try out for the dreaded cheerleading squad, so Sabrina uses a magic coin from the Other Realm in order to change her friend's mind. Meanwhile, Sabrina's cousin Mortimer (Dom DeLuise) comes to town to give Sabrina her first clue to the family secret.
55 55 "Pancake Madness" Mark Cendrowski Sheldon Bull October 23, 1998

December 7, 2005

After she makes a fool of herself in front of the entire school by giving in to her pancake addiction, Sabrina must go through intense detoxification. Also, Hilda is sent back to the Northern sector of the Other Realm for failing to fill out her immigration papers. Martin Mull is absent in this episode.
56 56 "Good Will Haunting" Kenneth R. Koch Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips October 30, 1998

December 8, 2005

Sabrina is given an evil doll named Molly Dolly that proceeds to terrorize her friends. Hilda and Zelda are trapped at a party in an insane asylum. Gary Owens and the rest of the surviving Laugh-In cast members are the guests.
57 57 "You Bet Your Family" David Trainer Nick Bakay November 6, 1998

December 12, 2005

Salem loses a big poker game in the Other Realm, and as a result of a bet, Hilda, Zelda, and Sabrina become powerless servants for the next one hundred years.
58 58 "And The Sabrina Goes To..." Kenneth R. Koch Frank Conniff November 13, 1998

December 13, 2005

Annoyed that no one pays attention to her achievements, Sabrina cooks up a spell in the form of a cake, and is showered with compliments. But hungry for even more praise, she eats the whole cake and gets praised for every little thing she does.

Note: Caroline Rhea is absent in this episode.

59 59 "Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Knows Libby" Linda Day Sheldon Krasner & David Saling November 20, 1998

December 14, 2005

Salem and Sabrina wind up inside a tiny spaceship that accidentally flies up Libby's nose, eventually getting stuck inside her brain. Meanwhile, Hilda tries to break up Zelda and Mr. Kraft by giving Zelda some magic chocolates that cause Zelda to find Mr. Kraft annoying.
60 60 "Sabrina and the Beast" Sheldon Bull Danita Jones November 27, 1998

December 15, 2005

Sabrina's unattractive cousin arrives to discuss the family secret, but ends up turning Harvey into a beast in order to teach Sabrina a lesson in beauty and appearances.
61 61 "Christmas Amnesia" Kenneth R. Koch Frank Conniff December 11, 1998

December 19, 2005

At a trendy party in the Other Realm, Sabrina accidentally erases Christmas in the mortal world and must figure out a way to restore the holiday.
62 62 "Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway?" Linda Day Charlie Tercek January 8, 1999

December 20, 2005

Valerie's mom makes a wish that her daughter be just like Sabrina. But when the wish comes true, Valerie slowly turns into Sabrina's exact double.
63 63 "What Price Harvey?" Gary Halvorson Frank Conniff January 15, 1999

December 21, 2005

Concerned about Harvey's decision to become a mechanic, Sabrina douses him with a magic cologne that turns him into an industrial tycoon overnight.
64 64 "Mrs. Kraft" Gary Halvorson Miriam Trogdon January 29, 1999

January 3, 2006

Sabrina is tired of Mr. Kraft hanging around the house so she tracks down his ex-wife (Julia Duffy) in hopes of Zelda and Mr. Kraft breaking up. They find out that she is a witch, and the two women end up fighting for his affections on The Jerry Springer Show.

Special Guest: Jerry Springer

65 65 "Sabrina and the Pirates" Gary Halvorson Nick Bakay February 5, 1999

January 4, 2006

In order to see *NSYNC perform, Sabrina obtains a fake ID. But then her magic becomes fake and she can't control some unruly pirates.

Special Guests: NSYNC

66 66 "Sabrina, the Matchmaker" Gary Halvorson Story by : Paula Hart & Eric Schlecht & Dan Berendsen

Teleplay by : Dan Berendsen

February 12, 1999

January 5, 2006

Ordered by Cupid to help two people fall in love, Sabrina gets her cousin (Hallie Todd) and the plumber (Brian Cousins) together. However, her cousin's bratty daughters try ruin it.

Note: This episode was a backdoor pilot for a spin-off featuring Melissa Joan Hart's little sisters (Emily Hart and Alexandra Hart-Gilliams), but was not picked up to series by ABC.

67 67 "Salem, the Boy" Gary Halvorson Nick Bakay February 19, 1999

January 9, 2006

Sabrina allows Salem to inhabit the body of a classmate, but things get out of hand when the feline once again attempts to take over the world.
68 68 "Sabrina, the Teenage Writer" Gary Halvorson Sheldon Bull February 26, 1999

January 10, 2006

The line between real and imaginary begins to blur when Sabrina types a story on a magic typewriter and the characters come to life.
69 72 "The Big Sleep" Kenneth R. Koch Sheldon Bull March 12, 1999

January 17, 2006

After Sabrina disturbs Aunt Dorma, who takes ten-year naps, the Spellman house is filled with sleep-inducing poppies.
70 71 "Sabrina's Pen Pal" Gary Halvorson Story by : Tina Weiss

Teleplay by : Kelly Baker & Danita Jones

March 26, 1999

January 16, 2006

Sabrina sneaks her timid pen pal over from the Other Realm in the guise of a cat, but then discovers she is actually a dangerous jewel thief.
71 73 "Sabrina's Real World" Gary Halvorson Charlie Tercek April 9, 1999

January 18, 2006

After Salem signs a contract with a television producer from the Other Realm, cameras are put in the household and Sabrina's life becomes a reality show.
72 69 "The Long and Winding Shortcut" Gary Halvorson Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips April 30, 1999

January 11, 2006

By using Mrs. Quick to help solve the family secret, Sabrina is accused of cheating and is stripped of modern conveniences.
73 70 "Sabrina, the Sandman" Gary Halvorson Dan Berendsen May 7, 1999

January 12, 2006

Sabrina gets a job as the Sandman, but she becomes confused and upset when she starts peeking in on their dreams. Meanwhile, Hilda and Zelda find ways to motivate Sabrina into solving the family secret.
74 74 "Silent Movie" Linda Day Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips May 14, 1999

January 19, 2006

Just as Harvey professes his love to Sabrina, a silence spell kicks in. When the entire household turns into an old silent film, Sabrina can't respond.

Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Lindsay Sloane as Valerie Birkhead and Jenna Leigh Green as Libby Chessler (aside from a flashback in the season finale).

75 75 "The Good, the Bad and the Luau" Linda Day Nancy Cohen May 21, 1999

January 23, 2006

Sabrina travels to Hawaii with her aunts, where she finally solves the family secret: every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin. A tribunal then decides which Spellman, Sabrina or her twin Katrina, is the good witch (through various tests and evaluations), with serious consequences for the twin deemed the evil witch. Meanwhile, back home, Harvey's mom and Lola, a stray cat found by Salem, are both about to give birth.


  • Sabrina cuts her hair to a bob. This is the shortest she has it in the series. This is the first of two times that she changes her usually long blonde hair.
  • This is the only season in which Zelda has long hair.
  • This is the only season to not begin with a whole new year. It takes place during the second semester of Sabrina's junior year.
  • The first TV Movie, Sabrina Goes to Rome, was aired during this season's run.