Season One of Sabrina the Teenage Witch aired from September 1996 until May 1997, and consists of 24 episodes. The season mainly focuses on Sabrina learning the basics of magic and beginning her romance with Harvey Kinkle.


Sixteen can be a magical age.

The main cast of season 1.

Pretty teen witch Sabrina Spellman lives with her two otherworldly aunts, Hilda and Zelda, along with Salem, their talking black cat. The Witches Council long ago ordered the aunts to teach Sabrina witchcraft once she turned sixteen. Now she can be in Paris for lunch...and make it back in time for biology! The show that found its way into the hearts of millions of viewers each week brilliantly combines the supernatural world of magic with the average life of a teenage girl. Join Sabrina, cute crush Harvey, best friend Jenny and rival Libby at their favorite hangout, The Slicery. That is, when they aren't frustrating their teacher, Mr Pool.


Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman
Caroline Rhea as Hilda Spellman
Beth Broderick as Zelda Spellman
Nate Richert as Harvey Kinkle
Jenna Leigh Green as Libby Chessler
Michelle Beaudoin as Jenny Kelley
Paul Feig as Eugene Pool
Nick Bakay as Salem Saberhagen (voice)


Season 1/Gallery


Season 1 (1996–1997) Corus YTV Canada September 5, 2005 and October 13, 2005

In the first season, Sabrina Spellman discovers on her sixteenth birthday that she is a witch. With the help of her witch aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and their talking cat, Salem, Sabrina learns to master her powers. Sabrina's school life is pretty much dominated by her budding romance with Harvey Kinkle, her relationship with friend Jenny Kelly and teacher Mr. Pool, and her rivalry with villainous cheerleader, Libby Chessler, who constantly battles with Sabrina for Harvey's affections.

Episodes in USA Episodes in Canada Title Directed by Written by Original air date USA and Canada Prod.code US viewers


1 1 "Pilot" Robby Benson Nell Scovell September 27, 1996

September 5, 2005

001 17.2
On her 16th birthday, Sabrina Spellman discovers she's born with extremely powerful magic when her Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda inform her that she is a witch by giving her a spellbook and revealing that their cat, Salem, can speak. This shocking news is coupled with Sabrina having an extremely bad first day at her new high school, culminating in her turning cheerleader/"mean girl" Libby into a pineapple. With some help from Aunt Hilda, Sabrina gets to rewind time and relive the day, changing things for the better and making her love magic.
2 2 "Bundt Friday" Gary Halvorson Norma Safford Vela October 4, 1996

September 6, 2005

002 14.9
Sabrina brings a jar of "truth sprinkles" to cooking class to make Libby tell why she was making up lies about her, but the sprinkles are put on top of the cakes the class made by mistake, causing everyone to say exactly what they think.
3 4 "The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie" Gail Mancuso Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips October 11, 1996

September 8, 2005

004 14.3
Sabrina babysits in order to earn extra money, but then accidentally casts a spell that transforms her charge, Rudy, into a grown man. She must then hide the truth from Rudy's parents and deal with a full-grown adult that has the mind of a toddler.
4 3 "Terrible Things" Gary Halvorson Jon Sherman October 18, 1996

September 7, 2005

003 15.8
Sabrina is warned not to use helpful magic because terrible things could happen, but goes against her aunts' and Salem's warning and helps Jenny win a school election, Harvey get to start on the football team, and her teacher Mr. Poole figure out how to turn lead to gold. The last item on this list earns the wrath of Drell, the head of the Witches' Council, and Sabrina must make amends before she is severely punished.
5 6 "A Halloween Story" Gary Halvorson Nell Scovell October 25, 1996

September 13, 2005

006 16.4
Sabrina is forced to attend a family affair on Halloween, so she sends a clone of herself to a party she was supposed to attend. Unfortunately, the simple-minded clone agrees with everything anyone suggests, which eventually leads to her streaking through Harvey's backyard. Meanwhile, the real Sabrina tries to ditch her snobby cousin Marigold and her bratty daughter Amanda (Emily Hart), and later gets a heartwarming surprise when she discovers that as a witch, she can talk to a deceased loved one for an hour on Halloween night.
6 7 "Dream Date" Gail Mancuso Rachel Lipman November 1, 1996

September 14, 2005

007 15.1
When Libby asks Harvey to the upcoming Fall Formal before Sabrina can, the teenage witch is depressed and decides not to go. Her aunts decide to cheer her up by using "Man-Dough" to literally make her a perfect guy as a date: Chad Corey Dylan (Brian Austin Green), an enthusiastic daredevil rock musician who owns a motorcycle. While Sabrina goes to the dance and tries to sort out her feelings for Harvey, Hilda and Zelda have some fun by making dream dates of their own.
7 8 "Third Aunt From the Sun" Gary Halvorson Nick Bakay November 8, 1996

September 15, 2005

008 16.2
Sabrina gets a surprise visit from her Aunt Vesta (Raquel Welch), Hilda and Zelda's older, and much less responsible, sister. Vesta shows Sabrina the fun side of being a witch, and later tricks Hilda and Zelda into letting Sabrina stay with her at the "Pleasure Dome," her home in the Other Realm. When Sabrina discovers that she has the choice to stay in the Other Realm and enjoy her magic forever, she is forced to make a tough decision.
8 9 "Magic Joel" Peter Baldwin Nell Scovell & Norma Safford Vela November 15, 1996

September 19, 2005

009 15.6
When a trick involving teen magician Joel disappearing goes awry, Sabrina quickly casts a spell to save them both from embarrassment but ends up turning Joel completely invisible.
9 5 "Geek Like Me" Gary Halvorson Rachel Lipman November 22, 1996

September 12, 2005

005 15.6
Sabrina, tired with Libby's constant teasing, turns her into a nerd to show her what it feels like to be picked on. But instead of learning a lesson, Libby shows her true colors and takes over the Science Club, making them into a group of jerky teens who look down on everyone else (just like her old cheerleading squad). To solve the problem, Sabrina uses a similar spell to turn the whole student body into nerds, keeping Libby from enjoying her prestigious position.
10 10 "Sweet and Sour Victory" Robby Benson Neal Boushell & Sam O'Neal December 6, 1996

September 20, 2005

010 13.9
Mr. Pool enters Sabrina into a Kung Fu competition, where she defeats the standing champion by using magic. But when her trophy starts calling her a cheater, she gives the previous champion a rematch so he can get the honor he deserves. Meanwhile, Aunt Hilda meets her long-time rival Gustav while trying out for the local symphony.
11 11 "A Girl and Her Cat" Brian K. Roberts Frank Conniff December 13, 1996

September 21, 2005

011 16.0
Sabrina's cat Salem sneaks into her backpack so he can go to the local pizzeria, but then is taken home by a little boy who won't give him up. This episode reunites Melissa Joan Hart and Joe O'Connor since their previous roles in Clarissa Explains It All.
12 13 "Trial by Fury" Peter Baldwin Nell Scovell & Norma Safford Vela January 3, 1997

September 26, 2005

013 15.1
A rude and condescending math teacher punishes Sabrina for asking a question by giving the whole class a difficult test. When Sabrina does poorly, both Hilda and Zelda try to reason with him--and fail. They become equally annoyed and use their powers to conjure up an Other Realm judge to punish him for his nastiness.
13 12 "Jenny's Non-Dream" Chuck Vinson Jon Sherman January 10, 1997

September 22, 2005

012 16.2
When Jenny wonders why Sabrina never invites her over to the Spellman house, Sabrina agrees to have her over for a slumber party. Hilda and Zelda do their best to keep magical shenanigans from occurring (a difficult task--there's a lint gremlin hiding in the dryer and a repairman with a tail trying to flush him out), only for Jenny to inadvertently stumble into the Other Realm through the upstairs linen closet. When Drell transforms Jenny into a grasshopper for entering "his" world, the Spellmans team up with the Other Realm's Rule Keeper to get her back.
14 14 "Sabrina Through the Looking Glass" Liz Plonka Nell Scovell January 17, 1997

September 27, 2005

014 16.5
After having a rough day (compounded by a massive wart appearing on her forehead), Sabrina escapes into the mirror in her room to get some peace and quiet. But when she wants to leave, she discovers that her bad mood has sealed her within the mirror world, where everyone is as grouchy and grumpy as her. With some magical help from Brady Anderson, Sabrina works to cheer up her mirrored friends and family.
15 15 "Hilda and Zelda: The Teenage Years" Peter Baldwin Nell Scovell January 31, 1997

September 28, 2005

015 15.3
Harvey invites Sabrina, Jenny, Libby, and Gordie to come with him to Boston and meet The Violent Femmes. Hilda and Zelda are reluctant to let Sabrina go alone, so they make themselves into teenagers named "Hillary" and "Zellery" to chaperone the trip. Problems arise when Gordie falls for Zellery, Hillary fights with a security guard, and Libby tries to tempt Sabrina into disobeying her aunts' rules to make herself cooler.
16 16 "Mars Attracts" Gary Halvorson Nell Scovell February 7, 1997

September 29, 2005

016 15.3
Sabrina goes off to a skiing trip on Mars and forgets about Harvey after meeting a cute skiing instructor.
17 18 "First Kiss" Robby Benson Carrie Honigblum & Renee Phillips February 14, 1997

October 4, 2005

018 14.8
Sabrina and Harvey nearly share their first kiss, only for Salem to warn her that when a witch kisses a mortal, the mortal is transformed into a frog. As a half-mortal, Sabrina hopes that the curse won't happen, and risks kissing Harvey, only for him to turn into an amphibian anyway. To save Harvey, Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda travel to the Other Realm, where Drell makes Sabrina go through the Three Tests of True Love to prove her feelings for Harvey are real.
18 17 "Sweet Charity" Peter Baldwin Nell Scovell March 7, 1997

October 3, 2005

017 15.0
Jenny and Sabrina are having trouble getting volunteers for their Adopt-a-Grandparent program until Sabrina transforms herself into Libby when a school photographer comes to the local nursing home to take some pictures. More problems arise when Libby, now forced to participate, "steals" Sabrina's new Nana for herself.
19 20 "Cat Showdown" David Grossman Frank Conniff March 21, 1997

October 6, 2005

020 15.3
Sabrina and Salem find themselves short on cash, and decide to enter Salem in a cat show to win the $500 first prize for themselves. However, Salem soon discovers that the judge, a local anchorman, is being blackmailed with incriminating photos. He and Sabrina then team up to find the blackmailer and keep the cat show fair.

Special Guest: Dann Florek

20 19 "Meeting Dad's Girlfriend" David Grossman Nell Scovell April 4, 1997

October 5, 2005

019 14.1
Sabrina is not thrilled about meeting her father's new girlfriend.
21 21 "As Westbridge Turns" Gary Halvorson Nick Bakay April 25, 1997

October 10, 2005

021 12.0
When Sabrina becomes bored with her life, her Aunt Hilda helps her cast a "Can of Worms" spell that turns all of Westbridge into a melodramatic soap opera. While the changes are fun at first, things soon become dangerous: Libby both steals an amnesiac Harvey from Sabrina and frames her for a theft, Mr. Poole's romance with the school nurse goes horribly awry, Jenny plots a dangerous revenge on Libby, and a mysterious (and hunky) one-eyed janitor talks of his dark past. Sabrina must tie all of the plotlines together into a dramatic climax to break the spell.
22 22 "The Great Mistake" Gary Halvorson Jon Sherman May 2, 1997

October 11, 2005

022 13.2
Hilda and Zelda tell their niece about all the lapses in judgment they've made when she begins to shrink after sneaking out when she was grounded.
23 23 "The Crucible" Gary Halvorson Nell Scovell & Jon Sherman May 9, 1997

October 12, 2005

023 13.2
On a class field trip to Salem, all the students at Westbridge are told to act like townsfolk from the past, reenacting the Salem witch trials. When a jealous Libby sees Jenny speaking with her latest crush, she accuses Jenny of being a witch. Sabrina steps in to defend her, only to be accused of witchcraft herself. Hilda and Zelda insist that she solve the problem on her own, prompting Sabrina to discover an odd way to do so.
24 24 "Troll Bride" Peter Baldwin Nick Bakay & Frank Conniff May 16, 1997

October 13, 2005

024 12.6
Harvey and Sabrina are voted the yearbook's "cutest couple", but the honor appears to come with a curse of breaking up. Sabrina attempts to disprove the curse, only for trouble to arise when Roland (Phil Fondacaro), a troll who helped her find a lost math book, claims her hand in marriage as payment and spirits her away to the Other Realm. With some help from a magical lawyer (Bryan Cranston), Hilda and Zelda discover that a prince must save Sabrina--and as Harvey's father is the local "Termite King," the younger Kinkle fits the bill.

Note: Final appearance of Michelle Beaudoin as Jennifer Kelly and Paul Feig as Mr.Pool.

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