Roland returns with a new job.

Salem, the Boy is the the seventeenth episode of the third season and the sixty seventh overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Roland returns, this time having taken up the post of leprechaun. Roland gives Sabrina three golden coupons that allow her three wishes. Salem, who has been moping around lately because he misses being human, begs Sabrina to use one of the wishes to turn him into a man. Sabrina complies, Roland placing Salem's essence into Gordie who Valerie has been trying to woo. However, things go awry when Salem is unable to quench his thirst for power and teams up with Mr. Kraft and Libby to take over the school, the city, and then the world.

Meanwhile, when Hilda and Zelda try to cheer Salem up by recreating his favorite party of all time, they accidentally bring hedonistic Roman Emperor Caligula to the present.

Also, Harvey goes into a jealous frenzy when Roland keeps putting love letters into Sabrina's locker and Sabrina seems to be fixated on Gordie.



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Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


To Go Back to Salem's Favorite Party

(Cast by Zelda Spellman)

Hair of a dog, a laugh that's hearty,
Take us to Salem's favorite party.


  • This is the fourth appearance of Roland and the third appearance of Judge Samuels.
  • This is Curtis Andersen's last appearance as Gordie.
  • Because of his actions in this episode, Salem got 50 years added to his sentence.
  • While facing the Witches Council in Rome, Zelda says "Oh, Zeus." But Zeus is the Greek name for this god. She should have said his Roman name, Jupiter.
  • During the visit to the Witches Council, Judge Samuels tells them to stop for the National Anthem, which is actually the Canadian anthem.
  • It's said that Mr. Larue is still the principal of the school although he was not seen since the season one.
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