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Salem's Tails is a series of novels spun off of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch books. The series was made due to the popularity of the character Salem Saberhagen as well as the popularity of the the Sabrina novels. Similar to the Sabrina novels, all volumes of "Salem's Tails" were numbered and written by various authors. The series ran for fourteen regular volumes and one special entitled "Salem Goes to Rome" which told the tale of Sabrina Goes to Rome from Salem's perspective.


1) Cat TV
2) Teacher’s Pet
3) You’re History
4) King of the Cats
5) Dog Day Afternoon
6) Psychic Kitty
8) Feline Felon
9) Happily Ever After
10) Gone Fishin’
11) Worth a Shot
12) Rulin’ the School
13) Kitty Cornered
14) Mascot Mayhem
Special) Salem Goes to Rome
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