Have you ever wished for 3 blokes in their late 20's from the North of England to come together and create a podcast recapping all 163 episodes of Sabrina? Of course you have!!

Join Phil Dean, Graham Riley and Chris Evans as they have optimistically vowed to chat about every episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the most in-depth, entertaining and surreal way possible before they turn 30!

In each episode of Sabrina the Teenage Watch the boys recap all the events that unfold in that magical 22 minutes, whilst also exploring the universe, the cast and the fan theories they uncover along the way.

You won't find a more unique, or rather crude, perspective on this classic children's show!

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Contributors and readers of this excellent Wikia page will no doubt know far more about the show's run that we do, so please get in touch and get involved with our podcast!

Enjoy the show Witches! :)