Sabrina Through the Looking Glass is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina looks in the mirror and discovers that she's got her first wart, an occupational hazard of being a witch. And it's a big one, right on her forehead. She reluctantly agrees to go to school when her aunts suggest she wears a baseball cap to cover up the wart. Then she drops her school project damaging it beyond repair. Things proceed to go from bad to worse when her locker won't open. Eventually things snap when Libby steals her baseball cap and the wart is revealed, and Sabrina turns Libby into a goat and storms off home. Once home, she goes to her room and commiserates with her alter ego in the mirror. When her alter ego invites her to come through for quiet reflection, she passes through the mirror into an alternative mirror world, and finds herself trapped there. She then discovers that in order to escape, she must go round and undo all of the bad things that her temper caused to happen to the people around her. She deals with the obvious ones but soon discovers that the ripple effects had spread much further than she imagined and she has to undo those too.


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina floats to the ceiling.
  • Hilda summons a baseball cap.
  • Sabrina silences Jenny.
  • Sabrina creates a snow day.
  • Sabrina turns Libby into a goat.
  • Sabrina blasts open her locker.
  • Hilda creates a flan.
  • Sabrina changes her clothes.
  • Zelda creates porridge.
  • Sabrina turns Libby back.


  • ===Sabrina Through the Looking Glass===

Salem: Orioles? I didn’t know you were a baseball fan.

Salem: Yeah, I may be a house pet but I totally see it...

Zelda: Now, we'll empty our minds.

Hilda: That, I can do.

Salem: (Seeing Sabrina's wart) Who's your new friend?

  • Brady Anderson: Remember, life is a team sport.
  • Sabrina: There's a call I have to make.

  • Salem: You don't have to order me a pizza, but make it half sausage, half clams.
  • Hilda: Oh I know what I want. Flan. It's so wiggly.

  • Salem: I don't know whether to eat it or attack it.
  • Sabrina: Great. Great great great great.
  • (Zelda, Hilda and Salem look at her funny)
  • Sabrina: I was being sincere.


  • Half of this episode is shown in reverse, however, it is actually shot as though a normal episode would be; but in the final editing, the camera angle is reversed to look as though Sabrina's lifstyle has been mirrored.
  • The episode title is based on "Alice Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carrol (the sequel to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland")
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