Sabrina The Teenage Witch Wedding Traditions

Other Realm

  • The maid of honor carries a sapling (the bigger the tree the better the love) which is planted in a sacred grove and every year on the couple's anniversary, they visit the tree.
  • You bunny hop into the wedding because it symbolises whimsy in a lasting relationship. 
  • The bride still wears a long white dress with a veil. 
  • Husbands wear a suit of armor. 
  • After the bride walks down the aisle the maid of honor blows up a giant balloon. The balloon symbolizes that a couple needs to love each other with every breath. 
  • Instead of a ring for the finger they have a wrestling ring. The father of the bride has to fight the father of the groom for the right of his daughter to marry his son. The father can ask a second fight for him.
  • If a wrestler falls out of the ring whoever catches the wrestler gets married next. 
  • They exchange ring fingers instead of a jewelry ring. 
  • When the pastor says kiss the bride the maid of honor kisses the bride.