Sabrina, the Sandman is the twenty-third episode of the third season and the seventy third overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Sabrina quits her job at the local Pork on a Pole restaurant in Westbridge, she decides to go to the Other Realm to look for a job. Although she has no experience, they give her a job as Sandman for her neighborhood. However, things don't go well when Sabrina starts dream dropping other people's dreams. She invades the dreams of Valerie, Harvey, Mr. Kraft and Libby, getting caught as she visits the dreams of her Aunt Zelda. Because of Sabrina's tampering, Valerie suddenly doesn't care about school, Harvey wants to break up with Sabrina, Mr. Kraft is institutionalized after a nervous breakdown and Libby is stressing about eventually being forced to leave high school. Hilda and Zelda give Sabrina a stern warning not to "dream drop," since it can potentially ruin people's lives. After the aunts find out what she's been doing, they decide to teach Sabrina a lesson by giving her a nightmare all her own. Upon waking up from her nightmare, Sabrina and her aunts get a visit from a man with news that if Sabrina doesn't solve the family secret in 30 days, "the consequences will be dire.



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  • Sabrina hasn't placed the clue of her picture from Cousin Stanislav on the family secret board before her dream. She eventually posts it during what is supposed to be a dream, but it is already on the board when she wakes up from her dream. It shouldn't already be up unless Sabrina put it up while she was asleep.
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