Sabrina, the Muse is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season and the 113th overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


After Kevin performs one night at the coffee house, he surprises Sabrina with the news that she inspires him to write music about life and their love and she begins to feel the pressure to be his muse 24 hours a day. When Kevin eventually gets a bad case of writer's block, Sabrina turns to the Greek muses to find out how she can inspire him to continue writing his music. When their advice doesn't work out as planned, Sabrina and Kevin break up. However, after he reads all of Sabrina's articles and brings her a special gift while she's at work to apologize, the couple gets back together.

Meanwhile, when Hilda and Zelda find out that an old friend passed away in the Other Realm, they decide to take a special trip to the "Here-After" to see what life beyond the grave will be like. It is during their trip that Hilda finds that the after life is every thing she dreamed of while Zelda finds it to be her version of a nightmare.

Magic Notes

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  • Hilda: Sabrina and Kevin make such an adorable couple, I've never seen her this happy. Our little niece may be walking down the isle before we do. (realizing Zelda is crying) Oh it is sad isn't it? What if she has kids before we do?
  • Zelda: (crying) Larry Linterman died.
  • Hilda: But Larry was in the prime of his life?! We were just at his four hundredth birthday party!
  • Salem: (coming into the room crying) I just- I just heard the news about Larry. Why? Why?
  • Zelda: I didn't know you were so close?
  • Salem: Why didn't he make out a will? I sucked up to that dunderhead for twenty years and for what? So the Other Realm government could come in and pocket what's rightfully mine.
  • Zelda: You know Hilda, Salem makes a good point.
  • Hilda: Sucking up to people is a waste?


  • Trevor Lissauer (Miles) does not appear in this episode. Nor is he credited.
  • Muses are creatures from Roman mythology who inspire creativity and passion.
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