Sabrina, the Matchmaker is the sixteenth episode of the third season and the sixty sixth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


As a result of trying to break up her aunt Zelda and Mr. Kraft as per previous events, Cupid tells Sabrina that she has to help a couple fall in love before Valentine's Day or she'll be picking up trash on the Other Realm freeway. When her cousin Marigold and her two daughters Amanda and Ally visit to help with the family secret, troubles start as the girls clog the toilet and they have to call a handyman, Emil. Meanwhile, Zelda and Hilda try to leave the house as much as possible so the don't have to interact with the Wiccans. They also have a fight because they wear the same dress and are going to the same restaurant. Marigold and Emil fall in love, but Amanda and Ally do everything in their power to break them up to the point where Marigold has to reveal that she is a witch.



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  • Valerie and Libby do not appear in this episode (although Sabrina talks to an unheard Valerie on the phone).
  • This is the third appearance of Amanda, second and final appearance of Marigold, and only appearance of Ally.
  • Marigold is played by Hallie Todd in this episode. She was previously portrayed by Robin Riker in the Season 1 episode "A Halloween Story."
  • Amanda and Ally shrink Emil and put him in a bottle. This follows a trend of Amanda shrinking people and trapping them in things: jars in A Halloween Story and her toy box in A Doll's Story.
  • A scene in which Willard and Carlton sing Que Sera Sera by Doris Day is cut from the DVD version of this episode, due to copyright issues.
  • This episode was intended to be a backdoor pilot for a spin-off called "Spells Trouble," which was to feature the Wiccans adjusting to life in the Mortal Realm. This would be attempted again with the Season 5 episode "Witchright Hall."
  • This is the first of three things that Frankie Muniz and Hallie Todd were opposite each other in, the second being his few episodes on the Disney show Lizzie McGuire, and the third being her appearance on his show Malcolm in the Middle.
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