Hilda's Yuletide magic backfires.

Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose is the twelfth episode of the fourth season and the eighty seventh overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


With Christmas approaching, Sabrina gets in a bad mood due to the non-stop snowing in Westbridge. When she hears a contest on the radio where the grand prize is a week long getaway to Jamaica, Sabrina gets excited when Zelda is able to answer the question for her. However, when the bad weather threatens to leave the Spellman women stranded in town for the holidays, Salem suggests that Sabrina tamper with the weather so they could still make their flight to Jamaica. As a result, Sabrina gets turned into a snowman by Mother Nature in retaliation for changing the weather in Massachusetts. Mother Nature then turns her back to normal, but punishes Sabrina by giving her the task of cheering up Mr. Kraft.
As Sabrina gets to work on her task, Salem receives the 12 Days of Christmas while Hilda and Zelda hire a pair of Christmas elves to help out with the holiday rush at the clock shop, only find out they're little crooks.


(Hilda places a bucket of water containing Sabrina (who had melted from being a snowman) on Mother Nature's desk)
Sabrina:  "Hey! Sorry about my appearance, I'm a little pale right now."
Mother Nature:  "Oh, I know you. You're the selfish little brat who changed the weather."
Sabrina:  "Yeah, that's all water under the bridge. In fact, I'm water under the bridge."
Mother Nature:  (To Hilda and Zelda) "This spell always make people talk in puns, I hate that. (To Sabrina) And you should know that the snow was stopping tonight anyway".
Sabrina:  "Whoo-hoo, I'm Jamaica bound ... in a thermos..

Salem:  (Covering his ears) "Twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, one cat crumbling. (Sobs) Enough! ENOUGH!"

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • In this episode, Sabrina and Hilda got punished for messing with the weather; yet, they don't get punished when she made it snow in "The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie," "Sabrina Through the Looking Glass" and "It's a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas."
  • This is the fourth Christmas episode in the show.
  • In the end, it was snowing so badly outside that all flights were cancelled. Yet Harvey and Mr. Kraft came over without wearing any winter outerwear.
  • The title is an allusion to the song "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire (The Christmas Song)," the first line of this song is "Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose.".
  • At the beginning of the episode, Zelda says to Sabrina: "You're not anti-Christmas again are you?". Referencing the events of last season's Christmas episode.
  • This is the only Christmas episode where Mr. Kraft appears.
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