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Salem's Real World is the twenty first episode of the third season and the seventy first overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Salem signs a contract with a television producer from the Other Realm, giving them the rights to Sabrina's life. The producer decides to make a show called "Sabrina's World," documenting her. Sabrina has had enough of the show, but the producer refuses to cancel it, so Sabrina decides to make it as dull as possible, in order for the ratings to become as low as possible. The producer doesn't accept this and to make it interesting, he brings a tornado, toxic waste, and even a dinosaur to Sabrina's school.

Meanwhile, Hilda accidentally puts on a belt that causes her to tell stand-up jokes non-stop and she has a date with a very short, bald man.

Additionally, Zelda has to do bad news duty in the Other Realm, being forced to dress like the grim reaper and give bad news to witches.



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Sabrina has been sent out to deal with a rampaging dinosaur.

Sabrina: (to herself) "Okay, I'll just engage it in friendly conversation and maybe it'll go away. What language do giant lizards speak? Of course, Japanese".

She points at her throat.

Sabrina: "Takor, aday Toyota noya shin chah domo masu?"

Translation: "So, what do you think of the new Toyotas?"

Harvey: (to Mr Kraft) "I didn't know Sabrina could speak Japanese".

Mr Kraft: (who seems surprised) "Oh, yes, it's part of every safety monitors training".

Dinosaur: "Je ne comprends pas. Je parle français. Est-ce distillateur l’ère mésozoïque?"

Translation: I don't understand. I speak French. Is this still the Mesozoic era?"

Sabrina: (to herself) " A French dinosaur. I only wish this was the strangest thing I've ever encountered".

She points at her throat again.

Sabrina: "Vous êtes dans la chance. Ils ont un centre ville de festival de viande. Un bon nombre de sauces crèmes".

Translation: "You’re in luck. They’re having a meat festival downtown. Lots of cream sauces".

Dinosaur: "Non Possible".

Translation: "No way".

Sabrina: "Possible".

Translation: "Way".

Dinosaur: "Merci, porc américain culturelement illettré. Au revoir".

Translation: "Thank you, culturally illiterate American pig. Toodles".

The dinosaur leaves.

Magic Notes

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  • Valerie does not appear in this episode.
  • When Salem and the TV producer were watching Sabrina's show when Harvey came over, you can hear Sabrina reading her story she read to Mrs. Quick in the episode "Sabrina, the Teenage Writer."
  • Steven M. Porter will later appear in season 7 as Clive Rexford in "Sabrina Unplugged."
  • The episode title obviously alludes to the famous MTV reality show, The Real World.
  • This episode was rehashed as the Sabrina the Animated Series episode "Documagicary," with Sabrina being the star of a reality show called That Witch.
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