Sabrina's Pen Pal is the twentieth episode of the third season and the seventieth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Sabrina decides to meet her Other Realm pen pal, she discovers that her letter writing buddy Martha is painfully shy, but very friendly. Since she seems sweet, Sabrina takes Martha for a visit to the mortal realm where she learns after a string of larceny that her pal is actually a jewel thief. Sabrina, her aunts, and even Mr. Kraft play a role in catching the thief, who is out to steal the Star of Orion, which holds all the powers in the world.
Meanwhile, Salem finds out that he has Nine Lives left instead of Six Lives as he thought so becomes a daredevil, risking his life in various ways.



Guest starring

  • Lisa Darr as Martha
  • Alexander Folk as Detective


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


Cookie Jar Spell

(Cast by Zelda Spellman)

Whoever touches this stone from a star,
Encase their hand in a cookie jar.


  • Libby and Valerie do not appear in this episode.
  • Harvey tells Sabrina: "Well, it was two years ago today that I saw you across a crowded hallway and felt a twinge in my heart." Sabrina replies: "And then you hit me on the head with a football..." and Harvey apologizes "I wasn't as smooth when I was a freshman." In reality, after the Witches Council reverses time for her in the Pilot, Sabrina smoothly catches the football before it hits her. Harvey would not be able to remember this and Sabrina should not expect him to. Sabrina and Harvey met at the beginning of the school year, not in the spring, and they were not freshman, but sophomores.
  • Harvey and Sabrina celebrate the fact that they have known each other for two years but it's only been a little over a year at this point.
  • This the last time Sabrina rides her vacuum.
  • We learn of the "use 'em or lose 'em" law that the Witches Council enacted; if a witch rarely uses her magic, she gets it taken away.
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