Roland is a troll who constantly changes professions. He is in love with Sabrina Spellman and whenever he is hired for a new job, he usually takes the opportunity to try to trick her into being with him. He once pretended to be Dashiel, a romantic interest of Sabrina.



Sabrina summons Roland when she needs to find her Biology notes, using a Finding Spell in The Magic Book. When Roland finds her notes, he demands a fee and decides he wants Sabrina's hand in marriage. Roland stalks Sabrina at school and quickly becomes aggressively jealous when he meets Harvey Kinkle, calling him "Farm Boy". Roland tricks Sabrina into following him to his tower in The Other Realm and locks her inside. Hilda Spellman and Zelda Spellman hire an Other Realm lawyer to help them get Sabrina out and they conclude that Sabrina can be rescued by a prince that she desires. Zelda discovers that Harvey's father's company name is "The Termite King", technically making Harvey "The Termite Prince". Roland makes the wedding earlier. Harvey drinks a memory loss potion while Hilda tells him the truth and what he must do. Roland and Harvey have a sword fight, until Sabrina knock Roland unconscious with a hardback book. A furious Roland cancels the wedding.


When Sabrina magically takes 20% off a dress, Roland takes 20% from one of her sweaters. Roland reveals that he has changed careers and become an Equalizer: making it his job to even things out in the universe. When Roland has a run in with Mr. Kraft, Roland kicks him and Sabrina pretends that Roland is her hypoglycemic cousin. Sabrina is told by her aunts that she must settle her debts the mortal way if she wants to get back what Roland has taken. Not wanting to ask for Valerie's dress back, Roland suggests that Sabrina saw a duplicate. Roland takes Sabrina to the sawing room in the dungeon and casts a Sleeping Beauty spell on the spinning wheel to make Sabrina prick her finger and fall asleep. Zelda interrupts before Sabrina pricks her finger and yells at Roland for trying to do an illegal spell. When Sabrina is told by a mortal that she has stolen his heart, Roland takes the opportunity to misuse his title and steal Sabrina's heart for himself. Roland takes Sabrina back to his home, which is now a small house under a bridge and they plan they're wedding. Zelda and Hilda arrive with Cupid and hit Roland with one of his magic arrows. Roland falls in love with Hilda and Roland gives Sabrina her heart back in return for a invitation to Sabrina's school dance. Roland sincerely apologizes for his actions and Sabrina, out of sympathy for his loneliness, conjures his old girlfriend Thumbelina and the two share a dance.

Private Investigator

Sabrina is suspicious of Harvey and Libby when they are paired up in a pretend marriage experiment. Sabrina finds and Other Realm private eye and his surprised to find that it is Roland. Sabrina can't make the kind of money he is asking for, so she pays him in hand holding. Roland sets up scenarios that he can photograph, making Harvey and Libby look like they are falling in love. When Libby and Harvey go out to a well known make-out point, Roland zaps himself and Sabrina in the back of their car to get a closer look. Harvey expresses his loyalty for Sabrina when Libby tries to kiss him and Sabrina realizes that Roland was causing trouble all along.


Roland appears in Sabrina's room on top of a rainbow wearing his new Leprechaun work attire. Roland had decided that Sabrina was shallow and that his new job would be glamorous enough to impress her. Roland gives Sabrina three wish coupons (since modern day Leprechauns don't use gold anymore). Sabrina uses the worst one to send Roland away. Salem begs her to use a coupon to make Salem human and Roland transfers his essence into Gordie. Sabrina accidentally uses her last coupon to call Roland. Sabrina is taken to the Other Realm where she must plead her case in front of a judge. Roland finds Salem/Gordie and arrives at the court, just before Sabrina is about to be thrown to the lions. Before he leaves, Roland tells Sabrina is has got a new job as a Bounty Hunter.


When Sabrina starts burping love hearts, her aunts call Cupid. Since it is Valentines Day and Cupid is busy, he sends his assistant, Roland: who has decided that helping people find love is his true calling. He opens her up and discovers that she has Candy Heart Syndrome. To cure it, Sabrina must find out who sent her a Valentine and stop one of her admirers from wanting her. Roland uses his cherub magic to turn the Valentine into a photo of the sender, Josh. Sabrina becomes heartless, so Hilda and Zelda take Roland to the coffee house to make Josh love someone else. When he refuses to, Zelda takes his magic pea shooter and makes him fall in love with Hilda, instantly curing Sabrina's condition. A jealous Roland, uses his pea shooter on Harvey and makes him fall in love with Zelda. Roland goes on a Valentines Day boat ride with Sabrina and she pushes him overboard.


Roland has appeared in five episodes.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
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