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Vital statistics
Species Mortal
Physical description
Gender Male
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Portrayed by: David O'Donnell
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Ramage is a character that appears in the Second Season of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. He was played by actor David O'Donnell.


Ramage (first name unknown) is an brunette classmate at Westbridge High School where he is friends with Harvey Kinkle. Along with Dolrimple and Baines, they hang out at a garage near the school where they work on repairing an old car. Sabrina Spellman checks out the garage with them while disguised as a boy named Jack Spratsky. He likes to poke fun at Harvey with female references and burping in public, encouraging the others to compete with bodily noises. He congratulates Sabrina as Jack for topping them in making loud noises.


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