Ping, Ping A Song
is the 10th episode of the seventh season and the 151st overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan decide to audition for a television talent show, where singers compete for a record deal in order for Sabrina to get the inside scoup on the show for an article. But the magic Sabrina uses to help the group hit their notes and make them famous might have some serious side effects that could ruin the girls' friendship.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


To Conjure 'Aunt Lorraine's Talent Lozenges'

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

We're next to sing,
No time to debate,
Send me magic lozenges
So our voices sound great.


  • The title is based on the phrase "Sing, sing a song" as well as the sound effect for Sabrina's magic being described as a "ping".
  • This episode is a rehash of "The Band Episode" of season two when Sabrina conjured bottled talent for herself, Harvey, and Valerie.
  • The song that Morgan, Roxie, and Sabrina sing is My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) by the R&B group En Vogue. The song is from the CD Funky Divas.
  • Drew Lachey, of 98 Degrees, guest stars as Zeke, one of the other contestants of National Superstars.