The Pilot is the series premiere of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the first episode of Season 1.


Sabrina Spellman isn't having the best of luck. After finding out that she and half of her family are witches, she must start at a brand new school. The popular girl, Libby, not only hates her, but wants her hands on Sabrina's crush, Harvey. When Sabrina decides to stand up to Libby, things take a turn for the worst. The Spellmans have to enlist the help of The Witches Council to undo Sabrina's mishap.



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Sabrina: "And I suppose my mom’s a witch too."

Hilda: "I always thought so."


Sabrina: "Can I ask you a question? Do you ever feel like you don't fit in?"

Jenny: "Only all the time, but I don't want to fit in. I've researched it, and awkward people tend to be more successful later in life. I look at Libby, I see tragedy."


Sabrina: "So what are you saying? I'm not who I think I am? You're not who I think you are? And my father lives in a book?"

Hilda (to Zelda): "Finally, she gets it."


Jenny: "Knock, knock."

Sabrina: "Who's there?"

Jenny: "Brad."

Sabrina: "Brad who?"

Jenny: "Brad Pitt. Is there any other Brad worth mentioning?"


Edward: "Honey, I know this is hard, but you just have to accept it. You're not like other kids. You're special."

Sabrina: "I don't want to be special, I want to be normal."

Edward: "I understand, but that ship has sailed."


Zelda: "Libby can't hurt you. She's just one person with a crazy story.

Sabrina: "She's a cheerleader. Nobody has more credibility."

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina levitates in her sleep.
  • Sabrina revives dead frog in biology class.
  • Sabrina accidentally causes lipstick to spread on Libby's face.
  • Sabrina turns an orange into a pineapple.
  • Sabrina turns Libby into a pineapple.
  • Zelda uses a spell to change Libby back.
  • Drell speeds up Sabrina's talk.
  • Witches Council reverse time for 24 hours.
  • Sabrina sprays juice in Libby's face.
  • Sabrina refills glass with magic milk.


To Turn Libby Chessler Back Into A Human

(Cast by Zelda Spellman)
The popular girl is not a fruit.


  • To discourage mortal/witch marriages, the Witches Council voted that the mortal parent will turn into a ball of wax when their half-witch child sees them.
  • A single witch cannot turn back time, but a group of witches can generate enough power to do so. However, a witch must appeal to the Witches Council first.
  • Magic cannot be used to get rid of cellulite.


  • The fourth outfit in the credits for this episode is a witch's outfit, complete with costume hat (which she will wear in "A Halloween Story"). Her comment is "This is so not me."
  • There are two endings to this episode. In the first one Salem tells Sabrina how to use magic to get a glass of milk and in the second one Salem tries to tell the audience that they are under his control, but leaves when he hears a can opener. "Please be tuna." "Please be tuna." The former was used for the DVD release.
  • Sabrina's father tells her that the Witches Council forbids her from seeing her mother face to face or else Diana will turn into a ball of wax as a way to discourage witches from marrying mortals. He tells her that she can't see her in the next two years, but her mother still turned into wax when Sabrina sees her years later in the Season 6 episode "The Whole Ball of Wax". This is due to a decree change with The Witch's Council.
  • When Sabrina asks if her mom is a witch, Hilda says, "I always thought so." However, in other episodes, Hilda shows no sign of disliking Sabrina's mother. Knowing Hilda's personality, she was probably just making a joke.

    The novel adaptation of The Pilot

  • When Sabrina accidentally did a spell on Libby which caused her to apply lipstick on her face, the spell sound was different to Sabrina's spell sound. In addition, Sabrina didn't point when she used her magic.
  • When Sabrina turned Libby into a pineapple, Sabrina used her left index finger. Normally, Sabrina uses her magic by pointing with her right index finger.
  • At the beginning of the episode, there are pancakes on the table at breakfast but in the season 3 episode "Pancake Madness" we discover that if a member of the Spellman family eats even one bite of pancakes, they become extremely addicted. This may not happen until a witch, such as Sabrina, both gains and accepts her magical powers.
  • Sabrina learns that she's half-mortal, because her father is a witch and her mother is mortal, which explains why her powers didn't develop until she turned 16. However, her father and two aunts are full witches, which probably means that they have had their powers since birth. This tells us that, in this show, their magic powers are genetic.
  • Director Robby Benson has a cameo role as the talking photograph of Sabrina's father Edward in the Magic Book.
  • A novel adaptation of this episode was made to start to Sabrina novel series. It was the only novel in the series without a title.
  • The setting of the series, in the TV series, is Westbridge. In the TV movie pilot, the town is Riverdale.
  • In the comics, and TV movie pilot, Hilda is the serious aunt, while Zelda is the humorous aunt. This switch only occurs in the TV series.
  • Sabrina saying "Smell you later" is a reference to Blue's catch phrase in the Pokemon games.
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