Pancake Madness is the fifth episode of the third season and the fifty fifth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Sabrina conjures up pancakes for herself one morning, she gets a stern warning from her aunts about what can happen if any member of the Spellman family were to eat them, Spellmans are addicted to pancakes, and if she has any she will be unable to stop. To protect her, Zelda casts a spell that prevents her niece from conjuring any more pancakes in the future.
Ignoring their warning and finding the idea of pancake addiction stupid, Sabrina takes a bite and becomes madly addicted to pancakes. Consequently, all Sabrina begins to think about is finding a stack of pancakes to eat, ultimately helping her come up with the best idea for a school fundraiser - a pancake breakfast.
Meanwhile, Hilda gets trapped in the northern part of the Other Realm for failing to fill out her immigration forms and it's up to Zelda to save her before she gets deported herself. However Zelda herself becomes trapped when asked question about the mortal realm to ensure she lives there, only to be asked a bunch of meaningless pop culture trivia which she can't answer, which Hilda answers effortlessly.



Guest starring

  • Mary Gross as Mrs. Quick
  • Dale Raoul as Mrs. Mapleton
  • Carl Michael Lindner as Dr. Brickman
Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.26.18 PM

Sabrina and the Kid Doctor


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina conjures pancakes.
  • The witch immigration officers appear.


To Prevent Sabrina from Conjuring Pancakes

(Cast by Zelda Spellman)

Because our feelings for Sabrina really matter
Here's a spell to prevent the aforementioned Sabrina from conjuring pancake batter.


  • Valerie and Mr. Kraft do not appear in this episode.
  • In an online chat, Melissa Joan Hart mentioned that this is one of her favorite episodes of Sabrina.
  • Hilda is transferred back to the northern part of the Other Realm after not filling out her immigration papers. The northern part of the Realm is a lot like the stereotype of Canada: cold and snowy, hockey is being watched on TV, and on the wall beside the phone are pictures of Canadian stars. Even the way Hilda talks is Canadian. This is actually because the actress who plays Hilda, Caroline Rhea, is from Canada.
  • Sabrina is seen eating pancakes in front of her aunts in the Pilot. Perhaps the addiction only happens after one accepts that they are a witch?
  • The character of Mrs. Mapleton is very similar to Mrs. Butterworth. Yet, for copyright purposes, the name was changed.
  • Sabrina's witch-pancake addiction is a nodding reference to a 1969 short film called "Winter of the Witch." This film was in turn from a children's book and was about a witch who made magic blueberry pancakes that made everyone feel euphorically happy and see LSD-like visuals.
  • Amanda Wiccan can be seen during Sabrina's dream.
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